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name me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by cloudman, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. i have this puppy for awhile, I picked it up in berkly like a 4 or 5 mounths ago but i never named it.....what doy uo guys think..... i was thinken big red as a pun but it's a little lame.

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  2. chill woody what do you think of them, i like mine, it's like a bubbler but it hits fatter

    woody, how bought soilent green ?
  3. When I was readin it i thought u meant a reall puppy so i thought "Clifford," You know, the Big Red Dog?? LOL I registered just so i could tell u that. lol
  4. Red Baron, and The Green Goblin
  5. I like GreenGoblin...
  6. I cant help but stare at the tits in your sig

  7. mmm ice, cant remember the last time i smokes without ice, thats cood shit!!!
  8. i have a rule. no one can name a bong they havnt smoked out of.

  9. ...yeeeeeaahhhhhh! I concur! ;)

    ....and that was too fucking funny, ChildUvDaLotus!!!!!! :D I was thinking that I was going to see a pic of a very cute puppy!

  10. hehe, thats cool. lucky i dont go enforcing my rules on anyone else then huh? ;) :D
  11. ya digit ive used it, the dark part in the midile is resin, i think ill go with the red baron but if i ever get a big red bong all name itclifford and get a clifford sticker for it,

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