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  1. I have been a chronic nailbiter since a very young age

    I bite when im bored, hungry, anxious

    Its gotten so severe i make my nails bleed, my thumbnails are basically nonexistant, my fingers hurt. It sucks

    Ive tried breaking this habit dozens of times and its extremely difficult.

    Nailbiting is so childish...

    I kicked my drug habit much easier than nailbiting

    I just wanted to voice my frustration and hopefully get some input/discussion from others
  2. just dig in your ass that should detour you homie... def the fact that you didn't wipe
  3. I feel for you OP I'm a nail biter too, I had a good streak going for awhile. I used to reward myself with manicures if I didn't bite my nails, it worked for awhile but now I'm back to biting them. Guess I'll try rewarding myself again and see how it goes. What's the longest you've gone without biting them OP? 
  4. I got the same problem. The only thing that motivated me to stop was when i trained jiu jitsu, because having really short nails hurts. But yeah i bite them for the same reasons as you.
  5. Longest period i believe was 2-3 months and I considered that amazing...that entire duration was very tough

    Idk why but it gives me a weird sense of comfort
  6. Ew...

    My ex used to bite her nails and then when we would chill she would bite MY's fuckin wierd...

    Also nail biting contributes to the presence of intestinal well as other infectious diseases.

    Also if you bit on ONE nail for a half a year on average you will have eaten a whole finger nail.

    Just stop please!  :unsure:
  7. Yep me too. Longest I can go is about a week. It sucks.

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  8. I bite my nails, always have. Short nails are good for me since I'm a lesbian :laughing:
  9. I tend to bite my nails too much. It just happens when I'm engaged in some mindless activity that doesn't require my hands. Next thing I know I have no nails and am chewing on the skin around the nails. Sometimes I feel like I have too much skin there, which is a weird thought in itself, not to mention the act of chewing it off :laughing:

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