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  1. I'm eating some Doritos right now and I'm wondering what makes nacho cheese "nacho".

    I thought perhaps there was a type of special cheese called nacho (I.e swiss cheese) but it seems the only thing that makes nacho cheese nacho is the fact that it is used on nachos. Yet it is still a flavor of nachos that come in a bag and there is no actual cheese on them.

    The whole situation is very confusing, input?
  2. You are too high.
  3. [quote name='"Danceswithjuub"']You are too high.[/quote]

    Nah I'm almost sober now. My beer pong record for spring break is 23 and 0 as of tonight :smoke:
  4. Nacho cheese doritos are flame but that orange goop they call nacho cheese is gross
  5. it's stolen cheese.
  6. I'm eating some vintage cheese and savoy biscuits
  7. You should really take them back where you got them........after all its not co cheese.
    do the right thing.
  8. I don't care they're fuckin tasty. :p
  9. [quote name='"biggg bassset"']I'm eating some vintage cheese and savoy biscuits[/quote]

    "White people love cheese"

  10. haha is cheese really such a white people thing?
  11. When I go to the movie theater, instead of getting nachos, I just fill the tray with cheese and grab a spoon.

    Go hard or go home
  12. The definition of nacho is truly crispy tortilla with cheese or chili topping...


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  13. yes, a LARGE percentage of other races are lactose intolerant. Although, some cheeses (the longer a cheese is aged the more lactose is lost as it is turned into lactic acid instead) have less lactose in them than others and give people without the proper genetic mutation that northern Europeans have.
  14. I have acid reflux but when I'm bent Doritoes are like a piece of Steak!!! Mmmmm

    Only problem is working off the WHOLE bag (yes I can eff it up)
    The Chili N Cheese ones are Bomb

  15. See we should be focusing on interesting stuff like that in a positive way, instead of focusing on color in a negative one.
  16. ^^ just noticed I never finished my last sentence lol..:smoke:

    but yeah.. some cheeses give the lactose intolerant less problems..
  17. My question wasn't really answered lol. There's like no set in stone definition of the word, it's just used to make stuff sound mexican

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