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  1. Hey potheads, has anybody ever tried NAC (N-acetylcysteine)??? Just opened the bottle and it smells like satan's ass! I'm frightened!
  2. Cant say i have, though i have taken Valerian Root which smells pretty bad too. I have heard of NAC, what is it supposed to do?

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  3. I was told to take 600mg in the morning by my psych for my depression/ bipolar. He wrote instructions as he's telling me this is our last visit, I am quitting. Here's what he wrote, one 600mg in morning, and 1200mg in morning. Fucking idiot. Every time I would see this guy he would show me his harvard diploma. To be honest, glad to be done with him. Went to Clark's for the pills and 500mg are 8.98 and 600mg are $25.00. Read all about it on google, read the reviews of patients that take it, and talked at my cuz (the health nut). I've been taking it for 8 days, zero mental lift or quieting of the mind. I have noticed the reported ease in breathing and thinning of lung secretions. I still haven't figured out if the god awful smell of the pills transfers over to my breath.
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  4. Just read a bit about it, i saw no mention of particular benefit to depression/bipolar (though it may, if even indirectly), but NAC is a pretty badass supplement if you can afford it. Maybe try another brand at a supplement shop. A drugstore likely sells less and would have it sitting on the shelf a lot longer, it may go bad? A friend recently got fishoil at walgreens and it was rancid.

    If it were me, id keep taking it, hell i might get myself some.

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  5. Ya man, I think the mental stuff could be found on the medmd site. Might be wrong, but check the patient's reviews. I've taken valerian root before and it has a shitty odor. This stuff is the worst ever, except rotting flesh. I'm still taking it, even though I've been in bed since last thursday with major depression. Sometimes life just sucks.

    So, what you growing? I can't even name all the strains I have now... Who am I BS'in... lol.

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  6. Holy shit. Unfortunately i cant grow right now

    NACs benefit for glutathione alone is probably worth taking though. Lifeextension had an article about it, pretty useful 'shit'.

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  7. Shit is the word! lol. 72 of them are seedlings, I'm in the middle of putting them into the solos. Maybe 6 or so in veg, and the rest in flower. Seedlings were started in coco and that stuff just crumbles when you do a transplant. Every one of them is a bare root TP. I watered them in with some super thrive to help with the shock. Fingers crossed!
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  8. Good luck, i am happy you get to so thoroughly indulge in cannabis!

    Someday i hope to as well

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  9. I know you will. I'll be waiting to eyeball the shit out of your grow. I planted a double pointed seed and got 2 plants from one seed. I love cannabis

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  10. That's a lot of plants buddy how big is your gross base area and are you doing a micro grow for all of them or are you transplanting them into a bigger pot eventually

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  11. I've only seen N-acetylcysteine in the liquid form of Mucomyst, which we gave to people in ER who had overdosed on acetaminophen. And hell yes, it is rank! You could vaguely smell it coming down the hall, then see someone with a cup, and know somebody is about to drink probably one of the nastiest things of their life :laughing:

    And Valerian root is stinky as fuck too. So are a lot of antibiotics.
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  12. I have room in the single side of my 3 car garage, my 4th bedroom inside, and my giant backyard. The plants have to be in a strategic area because I don't trust any of my neighbors, they are all flakes. I'm at a point because of my health large amounts of plants are just too much with zero help, most get neglected. I'm boil these next grows for quality over quantity. Many 6 or so plants, after this 30- 40 I have now.

    Valerian root is the most poo poo shit out there except maybe the oh so fucking shitty colon flush drink before a colonoscopy. Tylenol poisoning? It must coat the liver and kidneys to protect them.
  13. You mean the shit that's called '"GoLytely"? That's gotta be one of the worst drug names ever :laughing: and sort of, it maintains your glutathione levels so it can bind to the nasty, liver-wrecking metabolite produced from too much Tylenol!
  14. i take valerian at night to sleep

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