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    Hi all.

    I've been reading lots of different things about ballasts today and I do see that there are alot, but when I search such sites like this forum all these ballasts have things like ignitors n capacitators n such.

    So my questions are;

    Are there any ballasts around that have all of these components already included in the ballast and all you need to do is attatch the socket? (I already have ordered a socket and a bulb, ignorantly thinking they would just work straight off the mains)

    If not can someone please list everything else I will need to get the light bulb working? ie wires, wire connectors, ignitor, power cables etc, really just absolutely everything that I will need. The bulb I ordered is a 400w HPS e40 fitting and the socket is a ceramic E40 fitting


    Will this socket do?

    I appreciate any replies.

  2. htg supply dot com sells their ballasts with everything you need. Most places do.

    It's not a big deal it will save you a few bucks to already have some of the parts, although your socket may not fit the hood you select.

    So to answer your question. You need a ballast, the wire that goes from the ballast to the socket (should be included with the ballast), a 240 or 120 plug (again, should come with the ballast) and a hood.
  3. They make kits with just ballast components u could construct urself for cheap.Capacitors ,transformer and sometimes lamp ignitor(HPS only) is a ballast.No offense but u don't sound very educated bout electricity.So purchase one(digital preferably)and it should com with everything but a hood.
  4. Here I have 2 types of lights. The first is a 400w HPS light with a magnetic ballast. The ballast has 2 cords running in to it that can't be removed, one cord connects to the socket and the other cord connects to the wall outlet.

    The other light is a 600w HPS light with a digital ballast. 2 cords also run into the ballast but they are easily removable (in fact, I can switch out the cord that connects to the wall outlet with a power cord from a desktop computer tower).

    With both of these lights I've had to play electrician any connect some wires together here and there over the years. White-to-white, black-to-black, green-to-green. Might need a couple of wire connectors. Also, the sockets are interchangeable but the ballasts are not.

    You can call up pretty much any online grow shop and tell them you have a mogul socket and a 400w HPS bulb and need a 400w HPS ballast and power cords. You don't have to have a reflector, but it's a good idea to get one.

    Cheapest 400w HPS system around is $120 from HTGsupply. Comes with socket, bulb, ballast, reflector, hangers, and power cords. You might be able to talk them into selling you that system (minus the socket and bulb) for $100.

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  5. This clears up some confusion I was having, aslong as they come with everything they shall be ok. And yes I had queries upon this socket, maybe I can make shift it, but I'll probably just buy a new one if needed.

    Not very educated is an overstatement :p, any education I've ever had has been long lost so no offense taken. It will be fine though I have asperger's syndrome so no doubt I will learn obsessively fast.

    Clears up the rest of the confusion (was confused about the diagrams I was seeing everything being separated in the diagram but shop pictures should only the ballast, but I understand it now). I like your 1st, goes into par with what I thought the ballast should be like. I guess I shall just have to learn myself, will have to wait untill my next paycheque.

    Thanks for the replies everybody.
  6. Awesome quote. :D
  7. why do people always recommend HTG? there ballast are crap! go to Discount Hydroponics dot com and order the Xtream Ballast. they come with a life time warranty!


  8. I think a lot of people have had good experiences with their customer service etc, so they tend to recommend. I have had nothing but good experiences with HTG. The only problem I had with one of their products was my MH bulb blew after like a month, they gave me another without even producing a reciept and told me to bring the ballast in if anything happened again. That sort of service breeds loyalty

    That said, I was looking at those ballasts yesterday at discount and drooling...
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    i got the kit from htg supply. i've been very satisfied so far. as for the lighting; it came with a 400w hps ballast(cord plugs in the wall, runs to a squarish shaped component which regulates the electricity and converts to the proper Hz, from that another cord runs to a light socket which is made to mount on a light fixture or hood), 400watt HPS bulb, 400watt MH conversion bulb, it came with a light fixture but i upgraded to the euro reflector. it's sealed to keep in the heat but you hook your exhaust up to it so sucks the hot air right out of the room/tent. you want a very strong exhaust fan that can move a lot of air. those lights get very hot and make sure you don't splash water on them or they will break. also never mixed MH and HPS bulbs or ballasts unless it is a specially designed conversion bulb. also make sure the ballast is the same wattage as the bulb. i dont know why some people dis htg supply. i have yet to run into any problems. their prices are high but their equipment is great. you pretty much get what you pay for. and if something does go wrong, simply call them. all companies make mistakes no matter what. their customer service has been great to me as far as answering questions about equipment. if something fails you can point the finger at them or the company they got the product from but it doesnt matter who, all that matters is if the result is satisfying to the customer in the end.
  10. ok so im very new ive only smoked weed like 5 times but i really like it so i want to grow 1 or 2 plants. i have money but i dont know what to get and when to do something. can somebody please tell me what lights i need and soils and prices. thanks
  11. Cowchase...you better do some learning before you pick growing equipment. its very challenging to get it right. read the stickys...there is alot of good info there. there scattered around ..but i would recomend you start with kamels cfl guide and then germination 420. there is a section in here called absolute beginners. the experts in there will help you.

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