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  1. does anybody have pics of northern lights they have grown?
  2. here are some pics from previous grow this year. first is day 56 and second is day 66

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  3. day 66

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  4. i just was wondering what to look foward to. thanks!
  5. northern always comes out good. Its a great newbie plant.. And the weed is grand.
  6. plants can take alot of abuse and weed is great.... its almost a top notch choice for most smokers.... has good harvests to...i was wondering why didnt you trim your fan leaves. ? do you not do that?

  7. Nope never ever ever trip off your fan leaves, especially before you sex the plant, but no dont ever cut the fan leaves off, alot of growers cut them off but dont actually know that is where the plant stores all its nutrients till it uses them, also the reason they cut them is it shades alot of light, ive got something to say to the people that get shade from fan leaves, GET MORE LIGHTS...lol, but nah dont cut yer fans and youl get healthy strong growing plants all the time@!!

    Peace and good luck,

  8. these are some NL's i just got a few days ago, I cant take a pic any closer without it getting blurry cause i cant work this dam 500 dollar camera :-\


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