N.J. Assembly calls on Christie to relax medical marijuana rules

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Phamas, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. N.J. Assembly calls on Christie to relax medical marijuana rules | NJ.com

    That quote by Christie is ridiculous, too fuckin bad if you gotta rewrite them buddy, its your job!
  2. Another reason for me to dislike Christie.
  3. Why doesn't Christie write some real legislation facing problems in the state's transportation or public education system?

    Restrict Medical Marajuna? Fuckin realley??
  4. He was against the bill before he was sworn into office, so it came as no surprise when he tried to butcher it.. plus hes a Republican :rolleyes:
  5. It is just another delay and that much longer that the people needing quality m/m have to wait and continue buying street weed from dealers or risk imprisonment growing their own.
    And Christie's goal was met when he managed to delay it until the NJ legislature threw it out and they started at ground zero in putting the m/m program in effect.
    Now he will let the legislature write u a new program and then veto it,,,causing more delay and more controversy.
  6. So now it appears the vote to loosen the laws has been stalled in the Senate. It's a shame more people will continue to be denied access to their medicine.

  7. im not in jersey so it aint my problem

  8. ^So you wasted 5 minutes of your life posting this^

    Seriously, are you trying to troll?

    And fuck Chris Christie. He needs the boot.

  9. nope, not really.

    cuomo is gonna veto any shit we try to pass so im fucked here too
  10. Glad to see legislators are standing up against his attempts at dismantling the program before it even starts. (the beginning of the program is already past due as a result of his actions.) This program is designed to help the grievously ill and terminal, have some fucking compassion, hell the word compassion is even in the Program name!
  11. this whole time i thought "Christie" was a women, who names their son "Christie" seriously he probably got made fun of in school by all the stoners and now he wants his revenge. good thing im in ny...................shit we have cumo fml

  12. Christie is his last name.
  13. swing and a miss.. but a valid question would be, who the hell names their son Chris Christie, lil redundant don't you think? He prolly did get picked on in school a lot though, fat kids have it rough....


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