Mystery Marijuana?

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  1. Heres the story.

    A while back (1 month or so) I tossed a marijuana seed in my garden for shits and giggles. I didn't think anything would happen so I forgot all about it.
    A few hours ago I was looking for spiders(We are in the midst of Black widow season) and I look in the garden, And I see a marijuana plant thats about 2 feet tall. I was amazed.

    I didn't water that specific garden one time, and its only rained 3 times.

    Now heres a little twist, It does not smell like marijuana AT ALL. Its leaves smell like mint..

    I am now wondering whether or not its actually marijuana.

    It looks EXACTLY like it.
    Any thoughts?
  2. we need pics dude. but if u put a seed in that particular garden in that particular place theres a good chance its mj. picz!
  3. It usually doesn't get the typical weed smell until it starts flowering. So theres a chance its a real mj plant.

    get pics.
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    Im working on getting pictures.

    Im not sure if this mystery plant is where I planted the seed.
    The garden I planted it in was very neglected, We don't ever use it.
    So there is almost zero nutrients and little water.

    It seems to be growing fairly good, A little bug damage and some of the bottom leaf-tips are brown.
    Its under 9-11 hours of sunlight per day so I think It may amount to something, Hopefully.

    Im going to keep an eye on it, Try to get it fully matured :D

    If by chance this is a mj plant, Should I be able to tell if its male/female yet?
  5. to tell what sex it is.. keep a eye on the upper area.
    in between the branch area and stalk. if you see little white hairs coming out.its female
    if you see little balls or pods its male.

    best thing is to post pics of yo plant and see if its MJ then look at the guides how to identify sex.
  6. I'm now certain its MJ.
    Its got little white hairs on the stalk. Female?

    Its branches are drooping, Is that normal or should I start interfering.
  7. This happens all the time, even hapened to my buddy. I wouldnt suggest transplanting it thought because the roots have probabaly already gone too deep. and marijuana plants DO NOT smell like the weed we all have come to know and love UNTIL flowering.
  8. you've said this before, but i'll correct you again. some plants DO give off hints of the MJ we've all grown to love.
  9. Yes my baby has about 4 leaf set's and up close you can smell her magnificents although it isn't real strong you can smell it.

  10. Yea a TINY scent if you smell really close, but nothing too noticeable

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