Mystery Bug Help PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Jay42K, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hi,I recently inherited two plants.Each about five feet tall.They had been grown indoors but had to be set outdoors for a couple days.Its been a couple days since I got them and they have been in my grow room but I never really gave them a good looking over until very recently.I first spotted a bug and killed it with my fingers.Thats when I noticed another and gave it the same fate.Then I was like "hell if theres two right here then I better look these plants over".Since I want them to be as healthy as possible. Not to mention I dont like bugs in my house.I need help identifying the bug and a way to kill any lurkers and keep my plants bug free.The bugs are tiny, close to the same size as a nerd ( the candy kind ) they are greenish/clearish and have two dark bug eyes.They are crafty little fuckers,When I reach for them on the branches they do the whole squirell act of going to the other side of the branch in a circle to avoid getting killed.I caught one and it sort of stuck it's ass up a little. Well thats the best description I can give I havn't seen any flying about or flying away from my fingers so I think they either fall,climb or jump mostly.Please help I dont want a damn infestation and my plants are not some damn bug motel. Thank you and happy toking! Also I just noticed a small spider (around the same size as the bugs) hiding on a leaf.Maybe the spider eats the bugs?Is it a good thing to let the spider stay on my plant?

  2. Get some safer soap, mix as in the directions, and spray all over your plants. Bugs breathe through pores in their exoskeleton and the safer soap coats them and suffocates them. You can rinse then just stuff off of your plants.
  3. Ill try that, anyone have any clue what bug it is? the closest thing it reminds me of is thrips but still not sure.
  4. It's a spider Mite
  5. If possible try and post a picture of that little shit, I'm curious as to what it exactly looks like. I would try what ToastyBiz suggested, good luck with that. And about the spider, I import spiders into my growroom as an added layer of prevention, they are my friends lol.
  6. take care of the mites quickly as once they're their they are bloody hard to get rid of and they'll destroy your plants and your yeild will be greatly reduced . if your plants are already buding its dam near impossible to be rid of them . i use chemicals myself .
  7. IT'S PROBABLY NOT A SPIDER wouldn't be able to see them that well and at first glance, they do not actually look like spiders. also they cause little white/greyish dead spots on your leaf. You definetly don't have mites also because mites don't "run away" when you try to grab them, you need a microscope to see them in full! they are WAY smaller than a nerd. not sure what you have though sorry. (be happy it's not spider mites though!!!)
  8. Please post a picture. There are many types bugs all around.
  9. ive had spider mites many times run from my fingers coming to crush them. outdoors as well as indoors. so i wouldnt go as far as saying them dont run away period. and yeah they are very small. certainly smaller than a nerd. but close enough look with your eyeballs you can see fairly well. at least you can see the coloring of the bug. spidermites are most common in only two colors.
  10. spider mites, organic fish spray should take care of the issue, imo
  11. do you guys realize the original date this guy posted was like 2 years ago i hope his problem was solved. I think i am either to high or everyone else is smoking better shit
  12. i never even looked at the post date. i don't think GigZ-16 looked either. wow really funny

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