Mysterious infested closet... need solution

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  1. Hey GC, 
       So I had a nice 2 week seedling that was making pretty good progress and then one day mysterious tiny white bugs mostly in the soil but some on the leaves. My garden supply guy said thrips and gave me something called SM 90 to get rid of the infestation. I used that and 4 days later my infestation is worse and my plant is dead... 
    So im starting over but not from seed. i'm either getting a clone or a plant already well into veg. I'm using foxfarm ocean forest soil in a big pot in my closet with a pretty big 150W HPS light. i dont know much about lights but i was told that this was definitely enough to grow one plant. I have a fan and a humidifier in the closet and kept all conditions in a good range. i dont know where the bugs came from but i dont want to invest more time and money in growing all for another dead plant. I need solutions and ideas. What should I do?! Do i need to get a grow tent? i really dont want to spend more than $50 if thats possible. Creative answers please! thanks a lot!

  2. Thrips and gnats are attracted to yellow bug sticky paper. Get some of that and keep your medium dry. Those bugs in your soil all live in the top inch of your soil. Also put diametric earth on top of your will prevent those bugs from moving in and out of your soil. Lastly, try Azamax as both a dunk and foliar will kill everything organically.
  3. I'll look into that stuff! Anyone else?

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