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  1. Anyone here on myspace? I've already met some GC memebers on it but I want to see if theirs more
    Please if you dont or decide to try and be an ass in anyway DONT POST
    check it out
  2. i got it but i dont really keep it updated. ill add pics here and there but thats it, i dont bother adding friends to it or anything, most of my friends just do facebook anyways

    anyways, heres mine:

    just about as basic as you can get :D
  3. at college in flordia... lucky bastard
  4. i have a page with my women, i don't remember what are name is on there. I checked out some of the above.

    sup juggalo mcl
  5. who are you talking about?

  6. Pass That Shit!:smoking:
  7. Heres mine, the pic isnt me, i actually googl'd my name in the images and the image on my myspace came up, I edited to make it flash though :). ADD ME EVERYONE!!!!

  8. i'm so confused
  9. WHERE IS THE GC GROUP? :hello:

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