myspace, whos got it?!

Discussion in 'General' started by DankNugz420, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. whos got a myspace... dont nessissarly have to put a link to it, but who is on there?

    i am :hello:
  2. why do you use it, im just wondering. i dont fully comprehend its full purpose, beyond an computerized community.
  3. i use to it keep in touch with friends from highschool...
  4. thats basically the only reason i use it lol.
  5. Same.

    Fucking ahte those kids who waste their whole life on that damn site.
  6. i'm not a fan, and my page is lame, but i use to keep it touch with people. why i really like it is because if i meet a cool chick at a party or just with friends, as can pretty much bet that she's on myspace/facebook so i can message her there and chat her up. worked with the two girl i hung out with yesterday :)
  7. i got that shit, haha i'm not to popular though i get a friend request or message maybe like once a month, guess i just aint sexy enough haha

    i used to have the link in my sig but i changed it so for those who want it....
  8. i got a myspace, name is heimlichkeit, don't think i can post link
  9. Nope... I don't get the whole point of it.
  10. I like negligents page haha

    But I don't have one, me and my friends made a pact one day to all delete ours and never return.
  11. yeah, dude FACEBOOK haha. but really, myspace is good for hooking up with ppl you meet at parties/ through friends... i expect to have a whole bunch of stoner buddy friend requests!!!!
  12. what is this myspace thing?
  13. myspace is jus your own website where ppl can view your website its jus like this in a way they have forums im not a fan of myspace i love this site much more :)
  14. eh i made one and then when i realized that for every friend request (and some people have like 3000) you have to open and sign in your email page and confirm them. and they have to do the same for i said fuck that

    if you want to add me please send me a pm either here or on myspace. i don't add random people.
  16. To : negligent

    i could of swore you were a 45 year old , 95 pound , 5 "9 black -crack smoker
  17. I have one to find music, they have a lot of good artists on there.

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