Myspace makes you stupid

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. This girl is supposed to be the most popular girl on myspace and shes dumb as a post. The news man makes little stabs at her about how lame she and myspace is all through the interview, and she doesnt even realize.

  2. Hah. That tool hannity from crossfire doing some "hard hitting" reporting.
    wonder how many news producers she had to blow before she got that interview. :D
  3. lol. im not gonna lie, i have a myspace account. I dont know why everyone hates it!? I check mine like twice a week... its actually a tight site i think.

    I dont talk to people i dont know (usually) though... stick to people i know and wont kill me and shit

    How is she the most popular? I know a girl who is cuttin her (hotter) and she only has like 10 friends on her thing. Heh oh well
  4. Is it me or does this kind of thing not exist anywhere else in the world but America?

    I like that journalist, he's very smug, very subtle.

    That bowtie is pretty tight too.

  5. americans are all in there own little world of america, its a strange place, but i like living here :wave: lol

    edit-i have a myspace and that tila girl, i represent about 1,000 views on her page haha, i used to think she was bangin hott, she was ugly as FUCK on therelol
  6. wow that killed braincells...a 10 spot says her ass is drugged up and possibly she-male
  7. I've actually met with like 3 dudes from myspace that ended living on the same BLOCK as me and i didnt know it for years. And they smoke lotsa bud. But I dont really go on it anymore, never was into it.
  8. Check out Laurel Watanabe;)....... :eek::eek::eek:

  9. "What do you do when you get up in the morning?"

    "Actually I dont sleep [...] I spend 24hrs on myspace"

  10. myspace is mostly just round 2 of the popularity contest that was highschool.

    how is she the most popular? i am in no way at all attracted to her, physically or to her personality.

    and shes getting signed to a label? cant wait to hear her/his songs!! (sarcasm/kill me now)
  11. Definately. :D Haha...
  12. lol yep
  13. OMFG I <3 Donkey Peanuts :D

    Obviously it makes her feel good so just let her be :)
    +shes single B===D
  14. myspace bores me
  15. I hate Myspace... its just a big popularity contest; people are addicted to it, and the fact that everyone has it makes it totally unappealing.

    I am the anti-Myspace
  16. i have a myspace, mostly to keep in touch with people i loose track of. and to try and get laid by dumb bitches like the one mentioned.
  17. agreed... hahahha :hello:

    you have no fucking life if you spend 24 hours a day on a fucking website. she OBVIOUSLY hasnt been laid in years... or shes a virgin. providing she was an auctual woman id tap that.

    i think ive seen rocks smarter...

    yeah and even i have one of those things. i spend about 5 mins a week on it and its nice and simple.
  18. wow, all the hate corupts the soul.
  19. is it me o did she donkey penis or was it peanut
  20. Like she said she was really busy with her record deal and all that and then went on to say she spent 24 hours a day on myspace. What a dumbass bitch.

    I have myspace, Im on it every day, Im on it now. I know, I know..

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