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Myofascial Pain Syndrome and smoking intensifies discomfort??

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by soccersam8423, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, so this is my very first forum I created to maybe finally get answers :( I'm a 19 y/o female who has always been active and no real health concerns until last year in November when I overused a muscle in my back kinda above my shoulder blade connecting to my neck at work and it resulted in a pinched nerve and some pretty severe discomfort. Fast forward 8 months and my back is still not back to normal, though it has improved tremendously through lots of hard work and effort. I'm pretty sure I have something called Myofascial Pain Syndrome and it effects every part of my back, not just the immediate place that was strained. Before this happened, I used to smoke pretty much all the time and as soon as this happened, smoking is very, very uncomfortable. At the start I had to quit dabbing because it caused me serious pain like the day after it happened and I haven't dabbed since. I still smoke, but only a couple times a week or less and only up to like 4 puffs at a time because it starts to get uncomfortable af the higher I get and it's hard to enjoy anymore. I'm fine at first, but after about 10 minutes or so I feel like I can feel my muscles like spasm but almost get stuck in the contraction and just get super tight and rock hard and it's just hard to describe. I'm desperate for answers and I'm sorry this is long, but I really miss toking as I figured it should help my muscles, but it's makes it worse. Can anyone relate? I really miss my ganj, and my life most of all. Please someone help
  2. Try edibles or I use a tincture. It is more of a body relaxant.

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  3. edibles or tincture sounds like a good way to go ^ ive tried cbd crystals and they had my body numb too

    check out this book on trigger points... ive been trying to tackle this big book but havent been to hyped on it reading it lately
    " The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Trea
    by Clair Davies "

    trigger points are "knots" in the muscles that everyone gets.. and this book teaches you how to find them and self-massage them out.. the book goes into all these different illness and back/leg pains etc. that people were having and they were getting healed completely by someone finding these small knots and applying pressure and rubbing the knots out.. some knots take almost a week of hour sessions to take care of..

    trigger points sounds like phony BS to the professionals in the medical community and massage artists.. but from what i read out that book i definitely believe it.. altho it may take tons of practice and it may all be for nothing !
    one thing i remember'ed is they said you have to have very sensitive fingers to feel the very small "knots"

    they have the pdf online to read for free and the book is really cheap online... i hope you find something that helps! it sucks to hear the dabs made the pain worse..:/
    oh and by the way i've seen that word "Myofascial" alot in that book
  4. Hey soccesam2463, I'm 20 yrs in college and having the same exact symptoms. In high school, I had a stress fracture in my back, leading to months of physical therapy. I started smoking the wedd coming into college and would literally freeze up in my neck like arteries you know what I mean. I was pretty concerned about it because it feels like it affects your entire nervous system. I visited my internal medicine docter and we did a full body assessment. I am in excellent health and condition This was good news but I was so frustrated because we could not find the cause of the spasms and shock like pulses in my body. Last month we found the reason of the discomfort. It turns out, I was creating a sickness in myself. When I initially felt the muscle pain I began to stress over it. Mary Jane, being a rather powerful psychoactive causes intense sense awareness. This all sums up to excessive stress and anxiety over a problem that seems like a revolving door of confusion because no one understands. The reason for this is because you probably are so self aware that you can't think about anything else. My doctor and I had a long discussion and we came up with theory that I have been suffering from anxiety and depression. This was funny becuause I was depressed because I felt like I was sick. My doc and I tried me on a weak anti anxiety medication, lexapro. And immediately all symptoms went away. it's awesome! Also, you should prob stop smoking wedd and think about your purpose in life, it'll take your mind off the make believe pain you have.

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  6. I have similar symptoms and have had it for over a decade now.

    Unfortunately for me, it isn't just cannabis that causes flare ups. My upper back muscle problems seem related to stress and anxiety as much as anything.

    I get the same pain when I am in a stressful situation even without cannabis.

    When I smoke, if I am anxious at all it magnifies the muscle tightness.

    For me, it is all about making sure I am in the right frame of mind before smoking. If I am, then it's all good. But if I am already anxious or stressed, it just makes it worse.

    Hope that helped.

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