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  1. hey where u all get mylar...ive asked around and cant find any... and the net is like 30$/ plus shippin.

    and kinda wondering if its worth the cost anyhow...and if the back side of alum. foil isnt as good...certainly its cheaper than the mylar u can order on the net.

  2. ive also wondered this. ???
  3. from what i have heard about mylar its way better then alum. foil.I heard it helps reflect the light better and more light gets to the i would go for the mylar and 30$ or 25$ is worth it in the long run.
  4. good evening.

    You can also use white paint as a reflector...that is, paint your walls white... it has high reflective qualities, far more than foil that is, and is an alternative to mylar if you are unable to locate it. i would assume though that you would be able to find it at hardware stores? prices unknown

    anyway just another tip.

    take care.
  5. no i havnt been able to find it at hardware stores around here and have only found it on the net...for about 40$ inc. shipping.

    and my walls are already white but id imagine that alum. foil is more reflective than white walls.

    this is sure something that ' shit/' could sell!
  6. perhaps at first glance/thought, it would seem that alum. foil would be a better and higher reflector of light then white walls.... but, you are not a plant.

    a nice clean white painted wall IS more reflective, and efficient, esp. when it comes to eveness, than foil is. just one a them things.

    now if your 'white' walls are completely tobacco stained...cough, cough...perhaps amongst other than foil will be your better choice.

    dont know what to tell ya about the mylar, guy. sorry i couldnt be of much help.

    take care, sleep well.

  7. HIGH All, *LOL* good way of discribing a dirty wall.

    Pulled this O.F.F.F. the net.

    Reflectivity Chart
    Material Reflectivity
    less than 10%
    Aluminium Foil
    Semi-gloss White Paint
    White/Black/White Film
    Flat White Paint
    Polystyrene Foam Sheeting
    Mylar Sheeting (either type)

    Me I use Or use to use Mylar...but it's a bitch to clean if you spray your plants with something. Me personally I'd opted for the Flat White if I was low on money.

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