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  1. Can I use garden mycorrhizal in an indoor grow room just wondering because their is a big price difference 2.5kg is £28 and the likes of great white is £36 for 4oz?[​IMG]

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  2. Should be fine
  3. Even in Coco?

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  4. I don't recommend that in coco, I tried to get it in my coco and it wouldn't take caused me some ph issues and was very difficult to flush out. I think maybe a product like Great White that you add to your water might work better, but I just went through the other and it took about 30 gallons of flushing to get my ph back in line.
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  5. Wouldn't something like humic acids, Diamond Nectar work instead of the mycorrhizal to introduce some action into the coco?
  6. Not exactly the same thing but both help in the uptake of nutrients . Lol
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