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myco at transplant

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by sosogrow, Mar 4, 2023.

  1. i see people using myco powder at transplant does it really help if you mix is already loaded with myco i guess what i am asking can too much make your girls toxic is it worth ordering and using?
  2. Personally water with it vs sprinkling. At transplant and every 3 to 4 wks. Only a teaspoon per 2 gallons water. I'll also use molasses at this time 1 tablespoon per gallon. Is it necessary, no is it beneficial yes.
  3. Ten bucks says if you omit using it in one of your new buckets you wouldn't be able to tell. Do you accept the challengeeeeee ;)
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  4. yes you can, but if you already add before no need to add every month, you need to give food to myco to keep him alive and working. i give fresh compost, banana peel some leaf, and organic fertilizer that i made like fish aminoacid, fermented fruit juice thing like that help, tbs of raw honey per gallon of water. dont go crazy adding stuff. dont let the soil dry completely. this is what i do and it work for me
  5. i do the molasses thing already so i may add it in what brand do you use
  6. i do banana peel only in flower i watched some of the greenhouse seed guys videos and the insist on drying ouyt the soil completely at some point
  7. Great white
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  8. i probably wont bother with it but i will check amazon now and see how much they are ripping off growers for this stuff i mean bat shit is 25 bucks now lol
  9. i found the one amazon chose 20 bucks for a pound its not great white this stuff was 1.25 an ounce some of the others are up to 10 bucks an ounce i guess i will just water it in seems like thats a better idea
  10. did you just buy some after saying you probably wont bother 10mins prior? lol. Now you have to set up control plants and run the experiment! lol :)

  11. yeah amazon is too easy lol but i get the best bang for the buck i looked at price per ounce vs. ingredient and found a deal and yes i can do a control but the problem is they are all seeds so when i clone them for outside plants this year i will do the experiment with 2 clones to get more precise results
  12. i have been wondering about the mushroom looking thing coming out of your pots whats up with that?
  13. we're talking about bro science though. do half your indoor pots with it ;)
  14. i do fresh banana peel from seed, i dont dry, if you have myco in the soil they will dry the peel and you will see i white stuff like cotton this is the mycelium (mycorrhizae). if the banana peel dont dry and tend to rot, it means that you dont have mycorrhizae or you soil is dominated by bacteria. the mushroom in the bottom of my pot is the fruit part of the mycorrhizae. most of edible mushroom are mycorrhizae.
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  15. you dont need to add myco to the pot to have it. they are microscopic. they can populate the other plants without needing to add them. nature is mysterious. What guarantee do you give that the mycorrhiza did not reach the other plants?

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