My/Your all time favorite memory so far in life

Discussion in 'General' started by green4bud, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. My favorite was parasailing in mexico while being towed by a speed boat...I was several hundred feet in the air....I felt higher than ever $10 has ever gotten me before!

    What about you? What is your favorite memory?
  2. offshore fishing
  3. I had a hilarious offshore fishing moment.......after failing to catch any fish we got the idea to cast a lure with the boat running full speed.

    they told me to reel it in....the hook got caught in a friend's collar. it was similar to the movie starring chevy chase except that it didnt get stuck in the neck-:hello:

    I waslaughiny my fing ass off

    had it injured him I wouldn't have been laughing:(
  4. Camping in different parts of the world.
  5. my solo kayak trip from savana GA to a port in melbourne florida.
  6. Brilliant, just spent ages sat here reminiscing about the good times from the past 30 odd years. Can't pinpoint the best, too many to choose. Fuck I'm a lucky bitch! Ta for the thread, made my day now.
  7. the first time i got with more than two men at the same time
  8. Fishing in Canada is up there. My first tattoo was memorable. I cant pinpoint a top one.
  9. I imagine that is exciting for a lady given they are able to enjoy intimacy for longer than the average guy
  10. intamicy is over rated, cant one enjoy themselves without other flesh to get thier kicks from.
  11. It's weird... my favorite memories are emotions. And here are just a few since i can't pick one.

    In High School I was in Marching Band. We were at this huge competition, and a thunderstorm started during out show, but we didn't let it slow us down. We fucking nailed our shows. So much fuckin energy, and as we were marching off the field, we recieved a standing ovation, and to me, the feeling of putting your heart and soul into a 13 minute show, sweat dripping down your face, as you hear the cheers coming from the crowd.. it's an amazing feeling, and this Bob Seger song always reminds me of it;

    Another moment is when I was in a Marching Band trip, we were at Six Flags, I was standing in line for X when it just opened, for all 3 fuckin hours (worth the wait) and that was the moment i fell in love. She was by far from the prettiest girl, but you know what, she was sweet, she was a true person. And i fell in love, and it was great standing in line next to her and we later started dating.

    And then another moment, different girl, but the falling in love process. I love falling in love... I hate the pain of breaking up, which I'm going through now, but i love the process of falling in love. And with this one, she is the most special girl of my life. And how we met was through a mutual friend. I had no intentions of dating, and I was hardly social with her when we hung out, but then we got talking online, and it was great. but the great moment in the world, was one night her, my friend, and i were all supposed to go for a drive. but he kinda liked her as well, so he subconsciously sabotaged it. So it ended up my friend and I for the drive. The night didn't feel the same, so I called it off early, came home got online, and she was fucking pissed. We worked through everything, and I got to go over to her house. This was the first time we hung out without our friend, so it was a step towards us seeing each other. And I remember, running out of my room, yelling to my father that I have to go, don't know when I will be back... and i burst out the door and drive the 40 minute drive to her house. I get there, and we watch Peter Pan and Two Weeks Notice. It was so wonderful to sit close to her on a couch, and be close. And finally the clock struck 6, so I decided to leave... walking out of the door, and the faint glimmer of the morning sun was rising, and the feeling to know that I've never spent time alone with her, but here, I just spent an entire night with her... it was an amazing feeling. It was a natural high unmatched before in my life... and now that's I'm good and teary, it's time to stop this.

    But those are my favorite memories. Falling in love, and Giving my soul away through music in front of a few hundred people who loved what I did....
  12. i cant remember my band camp experiences

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