My White Rhino 1 Gallon Grow

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  1. i don't suggest vermiculite.  it's for retaining moisture, and you want them to dry up between feeds/watering...

  2. Cool man. I got some white widow x big bud and some critical super silver haze comin in the next day or two! . Thanks for the update though! Are you going to add homemade CO2? I might do they just too see what would happen.
  3. Yea Iv been thinking of putting 1 for each plant I have I just have to make time to make some. I think today or tomorrow I'll make some
  4. When you start your grow let me know so I can keep an eye out incase I see something I can help with and just to see different grow methods from other beginners
  5. ok quick update...... I just added 2 homemade co2 to my plants :metal: .... lets see how this turns out.
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    nice man what does your homemade c02 consist of?
    was always thinking of trying it but never got around to it
    My homemade co2 consisted of........
    #1- Two water bottles (1.5L size) 
    #2- Flexible hose (about 2 feet long)
    #3- Sugar (2 cups)
    #4- Active dry yeast (3/4 tbs)
    #5- Water (1.5L full)
    #6- Scissors
    OK.. so
    (1) I took a water bottle and filled one a little over half full with water.
    (2) Then I took my other water bottle and filled it a little under half way with hot/ warm water but not too hot.
    (3) Then I added 2 cups of sugar to the water bottle with less water.
    (4) I shook the bottle of water and sugar till the sugar is not visible anymore at the bottom.
    (5) I added 3/4 yeast into the just shaken warm sugar water.
    (6) Shake the yeast sugar water well.
    (7) I took my bottle caps there after and I poked 1 hole on the bottle cap that will go on the water, sugar and, yeast and I poked 2 holes in the bottle with just water.
    (8) I cut one piece of the hose so it can be submerge in the fresh water bottle and it'll  lead to the bottle with water sugar and yeast (which that part of the hose stays above the water sugar and yeast). 
    (9) I cut a piece of hose then and added it to the fresh water bottle (this hose is to be put in the fresh water bottle but not in the water, just as a way of helping direct you escaping co2). 
    Im taking a few fat bong hits in 10 min after this post is set up. let me know if you want to join from far and tell me what your smoking on at the moment and ill do the same.
  8. here's the picture.... I guess I'm smoking alone... well excuse me while I take a FAT hit of this Blue Dream.

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  9. cute bong lol. but seriously that home made co2 contraption is a great idea. I think I may just have to make one of those.
  10. sorry i missed ya dude,
    that thing is sweet!!!  any idea how long that thing pumps out co2?  for my grow area id prob need like half dozen of those bad boys 
  11. Don't make fun of it.... I love it because it's simple
    Thanks Yabastaa
  12. It's cool Charles maybe next time. I have a total of 5 plants rite now and all I made was 2 and I could tell this morning it has been working

    because all my plants leaves where perkie as fuckkkk... As well as it lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks.... Every week add a cup of sugar and

    replace a bit of water to the water suger yeast mix. The yeast should stay active for that long.
  13. That's a dope contraption there my friend! Fawk how do I quote so yall know what in talking about
  14. Lol I figured it out
  15. Thanks alot Tony
  16. Not making fun its nice to see something not scientific every once in awhile 
  17. Thanks dude. Its my evening bong lol
    I have a bubbler I just don't take it out unless I have company
  18. ive been smoking flowers out of a toro macro lately. Got sick of maneuvering around and the work out you get from a 9mm thick 21in illadelph. It does at least give me security knowing that i have seen it knocked over and knocked into other pieces and it has always been the victor lol
  19. Well I can't say my bong has fell yet but It's been 2 years and my foot long bong hasn't failed me since. I'm always hoping to get new bowls because they always brake at the most worst of times... For me at least.

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