My weird Coke Friend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by IL_Duce, Sep 19, 2003.

  1. i dont know if this is the right spot, but my friend who for awhile was a huge coke head, and a huge seller in akron here in ohio. he had a boddy guard and all the good things. and he was only 13.

    but they stories he tells about his experiences are soo interesting to listen to. ill have to remember some, its kinda fun to hear how much hes spent on it,15000 and how much hes had in his house, 4kilos.

    theyre just real entertaining stories.
  2. i thought u were bout to come to a point but all i heard was jiberish man 13 and bodyguard ok woteva you say.
  3. " pushin keys making crazy g's"

    there is no way a person of 13 yrs of age would be able to get there hands on 4 ki's of blow (8.8 lb's)

    plus..... the sheer amount of money that would be.....

    i wouldn't take your boy too seriously....... unless he's rollin on dubs with ho's in the hot tub.......

    either that or he's a self proclaimed millionaire...

    thats like a minimum of 40grand btw...
  4. 13 + lots of coke = dead kid and junkie up to his knees in blow.

    if he shows you the coke, then you know one of the dumbest people in the world, if he cant show it to you, then you know one of the lamest people in the world.
  5. hey i didnt say u had to believe me but ive seen his kilos of coke and what not, ive seen his body guard. so its up to u if u want to believe the stories or not.
  6. i dont.....what are you doing hanging out with a 13 yearold coke dealer anyway....and why did he show you? you gunna take 2 off his hands?....i dont do coke but if i did i wouldnt get it from a 13 year old
  7. did you try any of his coke?

  8. i bet it was 99% pure too huh?

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