My Weekly Weed Show: Baked Babbling!

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    I recently got the idea from someone, I should make a weekly video talking about popular topics, but just end get talking about random shit while smoking and high hahah.

    So if you can, please watch the videos give me some feedback, if you have a different name please give me a hollar. And thats about it. Enjoy, until next week that is!

    P.S You may or may not know me from my other videos such as kanyeknievel and all the HOW TO videos
  2. could you try posting that again?

    973 woot :D

    EDIT: nevermind
  3. KanyeKnievel is a dumb name, no offense brah :smoke:

  4. well that was my GT for the longest time, from that one kanye west video
  5. Pretty entertaining man, but if you guys are going to talk about actual political/social events, maybe put a little more time into researching it. I noticed a few moments of conversation break away because there wasn't a full understanding of the source material. Other than that, keep it up man.
  6. ::emails video link to OPs mom::
  7. Yo that little marijuana den you guys chill in under his bed is pretty fuckin cool. I wish i had one but bigger.

  8. yeh but thats why i put babbling, cause just babblling on with whatever comes to our minds, but if people have certain requests, then commet on the vid :)

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