My weekend, hows yours

Discussion in 'General' started by The Cannabis, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Friday- Got off work, grabbed a quarter of some dank, got 3 percs from wisdom teeth 2 weeks ago. SMoked and just kicked it with my buddy.

    Saturday- Woke up around 3 grabbed some shroom chocolates with my friend. We bought four and I have to say that they were THE most potent chocolates that I have ever had, I ate 2 and it felt like I ate like and 1/8 or so, stayed up all night drawing and blowing hookah, and tokin.

    Sunday- Waiting for my friend to get home so we can take our blue batmans, then we getting a movie, a sack and im gonna eat a 1/4 of a chocolate, play ping pong and chill in my theater, and maybe go to a 3d movie.

    What you all up to?
  2. Sounds good, brother. Been just smoking on some ISO crystals I brought up.

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