My weed won't grow! help please!

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    I germinated the seeds, put them in party glasses with soil, watered them and brought them outside to get some sunlight (because I try to grow outdoors).
    Now its about day 2 and nothing seems to change! the soil is getting dry so I think I'mma have to water it again. Idk what is going on with the PH (I will buy the equipment for that tomorrow), but I know that the temperatures are 20C-26C and the moist is 50%. What am I supposed to do now? I'm afraid its dying.. :(

    Here are some pics. the soil that didn't got dry probably got wet because of the rain yesterday (I believe its the last rain here for a while)

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  2. One you put them in a cup you should not be putting them in the sun untill there poped out some. Put a zip lock bag over it and put it in a dark space.
  3. Seriuosly?? I should put them all in a zip lock bag and in the dark?
    Isn't it too late? :(
  4. Dark until they POP the soil.

    Good luck...V
  5. You think they'll make it??
  6. Well I didnt see the pictures for some reason when I posted. When you germinate what usually is done is after you have some root tap you put the seed in the cup put the soil over it put a humidity dome (ziplock) and place it in a dark space till it pops outta the soil and grows some. The light can damage the seedling.

    I would get them moist then bring them inside. When your growing crops other then mj you do the same thing.

  7. Only time will tell that but i certainly would not leave them outside in a dried up cup. They almost 100% wont then. Read the guides on growing dude.
  8. Now after they got dry for 1 day and a half outside, should I water them again?
    Do you think they still got a chance to survive?

    Edit: Ok.. Just did.
    I did read guides but somehow I missed that stage. I'mma Big newb.. :p
    Thanks alot I'll keep u updated!
  9. Of course you should water them What do yout hink they will drink...dirt?

    No one can tell you if they have a chance just try to correct what you did wrong and youll have to wait. Plants are not mcdonalds drive thru just have to wait it out. Mosit the soil and let them be in a dark area.
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    lol I wish the were mcdonalds drive thru :rolleyes:
    anyway thanks to you they might survive :)
    Here's a pic of what I've done (after watering ofcourse)

    Uploaded with
  11. You have to let them sit in a dark place for at.least a week from terminating then you switch to light
  12. Alright then I'll do it :)
    I will also keep u updated with pics, so you would tell me if they're ready for the sunlight :eek:
  13. Okay just send me the pics
  14. This is not true at all. Once the tap root pops from the seed, put that fucker 1/4" under the soil. You don't have to keep it in the dark at all. Once the seedling pops the surface, you can mist it with water to give it the humidity it needs. There is no required dark period for seedlings.
  15. That guy doesn't know what he's talking about.
  16. Everyone has their own growing technique for starting plants. Once they pop the soil they are ready for light but not to much as it can dry them and the soil out. For seedlings you want to keep the soil moist but not soaked and you can gently mist them with water, as for light I just start out with 1 26 watt daylight CFL.
  17. tplat I can't afford 126W CFL because I don't have any room for that. this is why I want to grow outdoors on the roof..
    for now I let them recover just like in this pic (in the dark ofc)

    after afew leaves will come out, can I finally put them outside?
  18. on the roof? seriously? people will recognize it's a pot plant. cops have helicopters. 7 plants is enough to attract attention. unless you live in the wilderness...

    he wants you to start out with 1x26w CFL not a 126w.

    you can get a 26w at walmart. start with 6500k (daylight) usually have blue on the boxes.
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    I think you miss understood me on the lighting part. I start out with using just one 26 watt daylight CFL bulb for about the first week then for the second week I use two, after the second week they are more then ready for alot more light. Links below are what I use for light to get them started with.
    You do know that most house roofs radiate heat that can get hotter then the air temp?

    EcoSmart 27-Watt (100W) Daylight CFL Light Bulb (2-Pack) - ES5M827250K at The Home Depot

    Bayco 150-Watt Incandescent Clamp Light - CE-300PDQ at The Home Depot

    Leviton 660-Watt Keyless Twin-Socket Lamp Holder Adapter - R52-00128-00W at The Home Depot
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    You can live in a state were medical marijuana is legal and frequent the despensery. It's not bad to go to the marijuana store sit down in front of 10-20 different high grade meds and take a gram of this and two grams of that.

    Only bad thing is $10-$20 a gram($10 is what I go for) but things like death star or blue satellite $15, gotta get it...LOL

    Stay Medicated....V

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