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My weed tastes like hash ??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toddyboy, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. Okay so my regular hookups supplier got busted so I thought I was gonna have an unfortunate t-break....

    ....but NO she managed to get a new supply within days. I can say this new smoke is better. The only thing is when im smoking it it has a hash taste to it. Its a fubky smoke don't get me wrong I also thought it had an almost fruity smell aswell.

    Im not asking for a strain name thatd be impossible but has anyone came across this before let me know ???

    Stay Smokey! !

  2. Definitely come across a few strains that left that Hashy aftertaste on exhale, is that what you're explaining?
  3. if you mean a bubblehasj taste, yes
    if you mean a legit hasj taste, GIMME SOME
  4. Ya i know what ya mean. I love fruity smelling bud it's my favorite.
  5. I don't know if this is the actual cause but whenever this happens to me the buds are covered in trichomes, most of which are darker implying the batch is more matured.  I also have noticed that when it tastes like hash I end up getting blazed so it's all good.
  6. theres a few strains with that kind of smoke, hash berry being one of them.
  7. Maybe it's Hash Plant
  8. I love those buddies.
  9. Well seeing as all hash is, is compressed kief.
  10. I agree with that
  11. Sorry guys I only have gc forum app on my phone and I cant always remember what threads ive started :)

    To be fair it was a nice smoke but it wasn't the same colour looking as the one that was posted but thanks for the effort though !!!

    Stay Smokey! !


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