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my weed plant at 1 month and 1 week old

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by afrobrandon, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. hey guys. i need some help...my plant is like 1 month and 1 week old and i dont know what to do know...do i start the 18/6 and should i give it miracle grow 8-6-8...or should i let it get taller and then start to flower it...im currently lsting it..and the stems are turning purple..idk what i did wrong...and this is my first grow...it currently has 5 23watt cfls...and 1 heat bulb for heat...and so yea...pls help me out:eek:

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  2. Your plant looks healthy. I'm not an expert, but from my experience and what I've read, your plant seems pretty stretched. You should try to point your CFLs sideways because spiral CFLs give off most of their light from the sides. If you go to Home Depot, they have Y splitters for light bulbs. That will help angle the lights.

    I personally would get rid of the heat lamp and add more CFLs. the collective heat from them all should be enough warmth for your plant. Walmart sells thermometers for like a $1

    Hope this helps some.

    Cheers! :smoke:
  3. yea...

    1. You need a 6500k temperature bulb (bright white) For Vegging.
    2. Eliminate the heat.... unless its really cold where you are and you need it. mid 70's is optimal.
    3. flip the light schedule to 12/12.
    4. 1/2 strength if your using Miracle Burn...I mean Grow.
    5. Best of luck and rule of thumb "LESS IS MORE" .... Dont over water and minimize the feeding to every other watering. Water, Dry, Dry, Feed, Dry, Dry, Water, Dry, Dry, Feed. Days separated by commas.
    6. When you flip the light schedule to 12/12 you want to use the type of bulbs you have. 2700k-3500k in (kelvin = color temperature)
  4. lmao...miracle burn..!!..thanx dude i appreciate the help...but why is my plant droopy...should i water it like once a day..or when every it get dry on top?:yay::metal:
  5. Get rid of the heat bulb asap and get rid of that tin foil, it creates hot spots and conducts any heat thats in the area. other than that i think u might eliminate 2 of those bulbs and add 2 6500k ones, both spectrums of light is better than 1 for flowering.

    p.s. water whenever the soil feels dry. stick ur finger in it to test for moisture
  6. this is my plant...and i just switched from 18/6 to 12/12 to determine if its a male or a female...so yea...i dont know about the other plant...its orange kush mixed sour kush...so yea leve me some tipps guys..thanks
  7. these are the pics
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    hey bro...you need ta get back to basics..i would check out the stickys on nutes..lighting....plant training and topping...watering and ph..research is key...ya gotta know why you do things instead of just doing them.....first is lights and maybe some training to put some mass on the plant..you flower now you yeild very little

    hers my skunk at 4 week


    you need to provide your plants the best enviroment possible in your grow area to have your plants thrive..its a never ending learning experience...research..ask informed questions and yoou will get better responses from skilled growers...do some readin''...if ya got questions pm me peace deacon...dont get frustrated...get better...rep slap for givin' it a good go:smoke:..also..if im seein' correct..your usin' flower nutes...any other nutes......for veg stage of plant you want a fert with a higher first number..like 20-6-10...just an example..good luck

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