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My weed dealer claims he gets 70mpg

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420BudBurner253, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. My friend deals in his 1989 Honda Civic Sedan here in Spanaway WA and he claims he gets 70mpg in his car.....

    My friend is a cool dude....but this is the biggest bullshit I have ever heard...
  2. 5-6 gallon tank...

  3. Lol my other friend told me that my friend that claims this ''tested it, on the highway/free way and I fat gas mileage and I get 70mpg''
  4. Why is this in seasoned?
  5. Sorry still learning the forums and I made this mistake of putting this in the wrong place:smoke:
  6. Clearly he smoked too much of his own shit.
  7. Easily possible in a honda civic and you have a tuner that knows what their doing. I've seen people getting 88+.... although not on pump gas....
  8. Yeah I've seen some impressive numbers too. I think my local power plant gets like 300 years to the gallon. Not regular gasoline though.
  9. What the hell. No 1989 bullshit car is getting 70 MPG. Top Cars TODAY only get around 40 MPG.
  10. i believe 70+ in that car. and ive been working on cars since i was like 9
  11. I use my bros honda civic 1999 (20-25mpg). And I pay for the fuel. Sad times.
  12. Definitely possible if he is "hypermiling", which is basically driving so as to use as little fuel as possible: no A/C, windows up, putting it in neutral and turning off the engine on every decline, etc. Definitely not possible if he's just driving normally though.
  13. Cars back then were just as efficient as hybrids. Cars were nowhere near as heavy back then. I used to get 40+ mpg in my 87 CRX Si and I didn't do anything to try and get good mileage.

    Cars today have more weight to move, and need more HP. Power takes gas.

    You don't need fancy engines for good gas mileage, all you need is low weight.
  14. Old Hondas are like big Go-Karts, you'd be surprised.
  15. thats fucking bullshit.ask him if you can drive with him,hell prob only get 20-25
  16. how do people lie like this. I try not to laugh but I just cant
  17. Unless He's the best zen driver ever born and lives in an area of almost only hills then no.
  18. I could see 70 mph MAYBE in motorcycle. But A 4cyl car dudes and idiot. When he fills it up you and him drive 70miles. Then fill up again and more than a gallon was used. His dumb ass will proably say he has a expanding tank.
  19. Am I the only one who noticed he just screwed his dealer if the cops seen that. He gave the exact car and year, town and state lmao.
  20. [quote name='"Smokin Bonesz"']Am I the only one who noticed he just screwed his dealer if the cops seen that. He gave the exact car and year, town and state lmao.[/quote]

    Right, because he is the only person in the world who owns that kind of car. :rolleyes:

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