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My wax is too sticky to take off the paper

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GrindinZebra, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. What's up everyone. I went to the dispensary the other day and picked up 3gs of BHO wax and when i got home they wouldnt get off the paper. I touched it and it immediately stuck to my finger and i couldnt get it off until i scraped it off with a knife. I tried putting it in the fridge/freezer to help it harden but it was still incredibly sticky. What do i do? I'm trying to put it in my pen but it's literally impossible.
  2. Put it in the freezer over night or just smoke the paper this the wax
  3. Freezer over night you should be good to go, don't listen to the person above fuck smoking paper unless you're smoking a joint..
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  4. I've had those super sticky wax before, it sucks even though it smells awesome

    I use those non stick wax applicators gently and roll it into a ball and quickly inserted into the wax pen.
  5. Okay fuck you too
  6. Why you getting mad AF for? Why would anyone smoke paper thats stuck to your dab unless you have to? :confused_2:
  7. Put in the a lidded jar and then place in in the freeze. That way the wax won't be able to absorb any of moisture that's normally in a freezer.
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  8. You got mad at me first sorry if I don't want to take shit from you
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  9. FB_IMG_1494507324507.jpg

    Please enlighten me? When did I get mad I said don't listen to the person above don't smoke it with paper? Smh you mad af bruh go smoke a joint and chill tf out..
  10. This forum LOL

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  11. If you are fine with smoking a joint I don't see a problem smoking wax with a little paper stuck to it.

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  12. TEDAHHHHHHH! I know your struggle. Just get something that will stay cold for a while and preferably with a flat surface (I use a metal bowl) and place it in the freezer untill its pretty cold. (25-30 min) After 25-30 minutes get your parchment paper and place it on your cold surface so that the wax faces you and simply collect. careful not to loose any pieces of flying frozen wax lol.
  13. Isn't this a good problem to have! you've got three grams of concentrate to smoke and/or eat. Put it in the freezer overnight in a jar as suggested. If anything is left on the paper dissolve it in alcohol and let it mature over four months- decarbed tincture. Good luck mate, you're going to enjoy that concentrate!
  14. You guys aren't smoking near enough if you're fighting like this. If I knew the answer I would offer up kind advice, so you could be happy getting your blaze on..
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  15. Dispensary should be keepin em n a mini fridge if they were smart.
  16. This thread is from over a year ago.
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