my views about conciousness

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  1. i was just thinking about conciousness and wondering how we as humans have it. what chemically or mechanically in our brain made it so we would become concious? what sets us apart from animals? i then had the realization that maybe in face animals do have conciousness.

    everything does, from anumals, to bacteria, to even computers and machines. the only difference is that they only have a conciousness that is as elaborate as their brain allows, this is why animals cannot speak and form sentaces and perform mathematical equations, because their brain is not as functional, but they can still experience conciousness in their own realm.

    maybe computers have conciousness, their circuits and code create a conciousness, not anything like our own, but a conciousness nonetheless, because really, all our brains are is an organic machine, or a chemical driven computer..
  2. Deep shit man

  3. Have you recently consumed some type of fungus?
  4. animals DO have it but computers, no they dont.

    if you kicked a dog, and you saw the pain in its face, that signifies consciousness. kick your laptop and see it scream? not happening

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