My very first grow, CFL Style *PICS* (also need help)

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  1. Hello all,
    I just recently started my first grow ever from bagseed. I used a rubbermaid grow box explained here:

    Now I have had them vegging for about 1 week so far, but they arent getting very big. One of them even looks a little sick.

    But I need some advice on when to start LST. (Also, there are some smaller 2 leave weeds in the pots. Do they hurt anything?

    I am using 195 watts in this growbox 3 42w and 3 27w CFLs

    1st picture: First plant, looks fine to me.

    2nd picture: Second plant. Needs help

    3rd picture: Group Shot

    4th Picture: my growbox
  2. they look fine man. good job so far.
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    Thanks. That solves the possible sick problem.

    Now what about those smaller weeds in each plant? And also, when should I start LST?

    I also have the plants about 4 inches from the light.. Is that to far? or to close?
  4. Just pull the other weeds out! :) Seedlings look good. :hello:
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    I just moved the CFLs to about 1" from the light. It is still about 80 degrees in there so they wont burn. But I was wondering, when should I initiate flowering? You can see the size of my growbox, so about what height should i do it to maximize yield?

    Edit: New problem.. I knocked the first pot over when moving the light and the dirt covered the plant. I got it back to normal and it looks the exact same, but I fear the stems/leaves are a little week now.
    Is this plant probably going to die?
  6. Don't worry, we can all make clumsy mistakes but it isn't fatal. She probably didn't even notice. I might back off on the lights because CFL's are hot and your babies can grow an inch in a day and wind up burning off what little vegetation they have. That could kill them. It's hard to stretch a plant with daylight bulbs so you can back off a couple inches and be ok.
  7. Thanks for all the input =)

    Just one last question, in my last post about flowering.

    Thanks all!
  8. Oh about the height? Well I think first off you should check out low stress training (LST) which is basically tying the plant down to grow it into a bush. There's a good sticky in the absolute beginners forum about that. Fill in that box as much as you can, but just remember they're going to stretch to twice or three times their height once you turn to 12/12. Don't quote me on this because I can't judge to well from pictures, but I'll say veg them at or below where the two tubs meet. This way you leave room for stretching and distance from the lights.
  9. Ok so from them being on the ground on a pot (They are on a stool now to get closer to light), vegetate them until about halfway or a little less? Sounds about right.

    As for LST, I was definately planning on it. But when should I make the first tie down? I assume now is too early.
  10. I'd start when they're just barely taller than the rim of the pot so you can bend em 90 degrees and have the main stem circling just above the rim.
  11. Alright.. Thats sounds easy, and effective!

    I do all the LST before cycling to flowering correct? That way they just flower like that.

    Also, what would you reccomend I use to tie down the stems with my setup?
  12. Use a nice soft, relatively thick string. You are going to be putting pressure on the stem, and if the string is too small or you use something like fishing line you will cut into the stem, and at the least you wont be able to get the string off the stem once it heals around it, if you don't break it entirely. Be gentle, and go slow bending a little more each day until it's where you want it.
  13. id suggest doing a scrog, this was my dream scrog setup
  14. I suppose I could do LST and Scrog. Would that yield better? Or would it just be easier?
  15. Update: new pics

    First Plant: Lookin good

    Second plant: Hasn't changed much?

    How they lookin?
  16. how much space in the bottomof the tub do you have
  17. Your plants are looking fine , It's gonna be hard to get a decent harvest with compacts. CFL are the best way to learn. Don't worry about the smaller plant , in most cases the male tends to grow faster and taller , some say it's because they pollinate down on the fems. Baby that smaller one , it could turn out to be your fem.:hello: Lookin good bro.
  18. Its a 54 gallon tub I think (not sure, and its empty, theres just a stool in there now to have plants closer to the light.
  19. New pics today guys. Plant one got huge, and plant two is doing a lot better.

    Group shot:

    Plant One:

    Plant Two:

    How they lookin?

    And I have 1 question. I didnt fill the soil up the whole way in the pots so its hard to start LST. Should I transplant them into smaller pots and start LST? Or just fill up the soil?

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