My ventilation set up for my grow room

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bigstickybuds81, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey whats up people:smoking:

    ill try to make this short.

    Right now Im vegging in my doorless closet, ( stealthyness isnt much of a problem except for the outside world, and noone ever comes in my room stays locked) anyhoot,the upstairs is my only option for growing atm, my room is right by the attic and in mid day it can get up to 95 easily and about 85 at night. (my lights are on at night due to temperatures)
    Ive come to realize this is not gonna work unless i can get the temps down over all in my room or even upstairs. and get that stale air out asap. So what i was gonna do is invest in a nice powerful window exhaust i found some on ebay which were pretty cheap, this one kinda caught my eye, its not too expensive and i can throw it in reverse to get some fresh air inside my grow room. heres the link

    My room is about hmm 20ftx15ftx20ft. do you think this will be powerful enough. (or pehaps too powerful?) there was also a 760Cfm window exhaust for like 40 bucks. i figure for 40 more bucks im getting twice the amount of Cfms...
    i also have an AC in my room which will be on a timer (its an old ass AC without a thermostat:mad: )

    Smoke ya later:smoking:
  2. hey man just a suggestion, you say your growing with a doorless closet with the lights on at night. That means that your plants dark period is during the day and without a door on your closet its gonna be tricky getting your grow room dark. It may not be as much of a problem now but when it comes time to flower it can cause unwanted results.
  3. hey whats up Qz,
    Nah this is just for vegging, im in the middle of making a big flowering box, i thought of keeping my room light tight for flowering but its too much of a hassle getting all the light leaks out, making a huge ass flowering chamber seems so much easier and that way i can actually control the smell :cool:

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