my vaction!

Discussion in 'General' started by mxtoker, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. just got back from my vaction in laughlin NV. got out the boat, bought 3 NEW yamaha VX 110 waverunners (fast as hell if u know how to take the gov off) i got it going 70 mph on water!! found a nice warm cove with lots of fish, miles away from people, blazed 2 FAT 3 gram blunts (sour apple) and 5 Js (absinth flav) with my bro. cought some nice striper a baby big mouth and a ton of nasty ass carp and 1 trout had a few beers and got a hella nice tan. if i died and went to heaven i would be back there. it was the funnest time of my life! went to las vegas picked up some purp and hit the 2am 2$ buffets was was hella fun .

    PS sorry i posted most of this somewhere else and relized i needed to start my own thread to tell the whole story lol
  2. wow, how i wish i could of been there with you man! sounds fucking fantastic.

    i havent been on the water with a rod in my hand in a few years... its sad really. ive got to get out there this summer, but ill have to find a friend with a boat first. its just not the same off the land.
  3. damn dude sounds like a good ass time
  4. fishing, beer, bud, brotherhood..sounds ill

    i wish i was there
  5. I highly recommend that u try it. its really fun. ill be headin there again this summer so hope to see some of u there!
  6. sounds awsome, It finnaly started to warm up here, so most the ice on the lakes are gone, so we'll beable to take the boat out pretty soon. Don't get me wrong, I love to ice fish, but after a few months you start to hate it.. lol, nuthing beats fishing and smokin though, thats how quite a few of my days are spent, and i always have a blast.

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