My V-Card is Up! Its happening ~ [details inside]

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  1. Just to let everyone know, I'm 19. I'm a decent looking guy but I've had acne the last few years which really has hurt my self esteem. However, working out and seeing my body transform has also recovered some of my self esteem that I once lost. (got a bit of acne atm)

    So I got this chick, lets call her S. Shes 17.
    I hooked up with her last summer at my cottage during a party, but it didn't lead to anything really. I was fucked up on meds cause I had my wisdom teeth pulled. We cuddled, made out and I sucked on her tits/squeeezed her ass. Shes like a 5 or 6/10 on my scale.

    Anyways I'm heading back to school this coming september. My parents are on vacation and have been since mid-July. They aren't home till August 30th.

    Back to the main story...
    I'm on facebook and just browsing through when I get a message from S. I decided to play single and make her horny. So I basically invited her over, and we made plans for this Friday for her to sleep over and fuck all night.

    I'm also going to mention that this girl has had the hots for me for awhile. However, I was never really into her and still am not. She may want a relationship. All I want is to fuck before I head off to school.

    Shes a redhead.
    Oh and I have a jacuzzi which I told her to bring her bikini for (not like she'll need it) and I'm gonna supply us with some booze as well as weed. She doesn't smoke from what I know but if I can, I will get her to. I want to hit a bong rip and kiss her while blowing all the smoke into her mouth haha.

    Anyways, think everything is set? Shes supposed to arrive by like 7-8pm friday. If we start hooking up and fuck right away, how many times can we fuck throughout the whole night? Like how long do we have to wait to fuck again? Same rules as jackin off?

    I think its pretty solid...jacuzzi, booze, weed, entire house. what can go wrong.

    I will definitely not be sober as i dont want to really focus on what she has to say cause she has a very weird australian accent which makes her sound annoying a lot of the time.

    Btw do you guys think it would be weird if I wanted to suck on her toes? Should I ask or just go into it? :/

    Feedback, comment, advice, pleasse!!! Thx!
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    You're a douchebag.....

    C'mon man, if this girl likes you, then don't use her so you could take away your virginity, and hey! redheads are badass!

    If you don't dig it, don't dig into it. :cool:

    No need for the name calling. Mat369
  3. How am I a douchebag? For putting my needs before someone else's? Especially someone who I haven't seen in a year?

    You shouldn't really call me that, cause you don't know me. You don't see me calling you wild accusations with 0 proof or evidence.

    She probably does like me, but the thing is; I'm tired of being a nice guy. I'm part asshole now. And if I want to finally fuck after hearing about tons of my friends fucking, then so be it. ;)
  4. yea man dont be a douche
  5. If this is the only way you can get it, sorry :confused_2:

    Seems like it won't go wrong. Just try sucking on her toes and if she doesn't like it, she'll say it. Yes, same rules as masturbation - unless she says no. If she ever says no, BACK THE FUCK OUT.
  6. yea man dont be a douche

  7. I can definitely get some just by going to a party or clubbing. I've made out a ton but never gone the full distance.

    and this is so much easier, i literally had to do nothing but sit infront of my comp, seduce her and wallah. its golden.

    sure it seems like a dick thing to do, but i really dont give a shit bout this girl lol. truthfully. and hey, if i feel i have to, ill let her know i just want to fuck. otherwise ill just do my thing.

    alright, ill try that.
    haha, she wont ever say no.
    shes incredibly horny.
  8. To a lot of you guys who probably will and are saying not to be a douche, how is playing it single being a douche? I'm sure all guys have played the single field and fucked, were you a douche just for doing what you felt like? Is it wrong that I don't feel I'm ready for a relationship, least of all, with her?

    I don't agree with the logic.
  9. I don't like it, you are using someone with no concern for their feelings. You just want to fulfill your wants with no regard for her whatsoever.
  10. There's something wrong with your way of thinking. And with you for that matter
  11. I hope you don't fuck her.

  12. yes finally someone understands

    no there isn't im fine

  13. 2nd time i fuck her will be for you buddy
  14. Hey man, all the power to you. Some guys just gotta bang.

    If I were you though, I wouldn't hit it just to hit it. I know how it feels to see people fuck all over and still be a virgin, but I can't use a woman just for sex, it goes against what I believe in. I'm out here in the world to find that one person, and random hookups for sex just get in the way IMO.

    Who says you have to bang someone before going off to school?? I didn't bang anyone when I went off to college, now I just turned 21 and I don't regret shit. I'm a decent looking guy, never really had acne at all, athletic, artistic, but If I don't see a future between the girl I'm dating, I'm going to talk to her about it and try to keep my pants on.

  15. well its not that i dont respect her, its just I want to get this over with ya know. when i head off to school, i want to have experience and know i've satisfied the chick and been 'the best she ever had' that kind of stuff.

    i get where your coming from and i partially agree cause its what i'd do. im your average guy too, im usually very very nice well mannered and all. but if i want to finally fuck after all this waiting, then why not? Shes all for it, and she lives a good distance away too so its not like i'd see her daily or anywhere local.

    just sayin, i dont agree with what people are saying..
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    All that was just what I think, but if the girl understands what your sexfest means then I couldn't see any problem in that. And if you go straight to fucking, that's a pretty good sign she mostly wants to fuck, haha.

    EDIT: And on a side note, you don't have to use penetration to REALLY satisfy a girl. I may not have had sex yet, but I've been pretty orally experienced since well into high school. I think that's one of the most important foundations to pleasuring a woman.
  17. Does "S" know you're a virgin?

    Or are you just talking up a good game about "fucking all night"

    If she doesn't know youre' a virgin, "S" might be in for a world of disapointment.
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    that's alright, we're just saying that most decent people in the world would disagree with what you're saying/planning on doing

    if you guys both knew that it was just a one night kinda thing, I'd say go for it. But from what you say she doesn't think that's the case

    and like the above poster said, does she know you're a virgin? Because if she doesn't, she's gonna find out pretty fast unless you're a natural at fucking. And she might just wanna get off too, and if that's the case a virgin probably wouldn't be her best bet. Now that I think about it, it'd be perfectly ironic if she turned YOU down because she found at you're a virgin. Just desserts haha
  19. 5/10 .. lost respect
  20. dont listen to them op if shes naive enough to fuck you, then do it.
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