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    Hey all I'm new to growing and have 1 female outdoors at the moment which has just come into flowering recently.

    I took some cuttings from the lower branches with the smallest buds. I used clonex gel and put them straight into soil.

    I made the rig as i don't have the funds to buy a proper machine or the patience to use any other DIY method. It's still day 1 but will have to see how it goes. The glass pane should keep it nice and moist inside.

    The lights are 25w cool white CFL's

    This is my first attempt at any form of indoor growing let alone cloning! I plan to put the plants under a 400w hps whn they are established.

    Have uploaded some pictures. Enjoy.


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  2. I dunno, never seen a set-up like that. Be careful about heat with the glass covering the container. In that small of an area with no ventilation, even a couple of low watt CFLs could generate a lot of heat. Hope it works out for ya.
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    Most of the heat generated comes from the ballasts on the light -> the glass barely even heats up from the lights let alone inside the bucket. The temperature in the bucket is a gentle warm and feels quite moist now that i added a cup of water. Put a hot water bottle under the bucket to try heat the roots up a bit.
  4. i dont know much about cloning, tryin to learn so ima watch this one...i thought clones only survived well in hydro...i hope u prove it wrong i dont have a hydro setup n want to clone! good luck!
  5. Here's an update. Day 6 - Starting to go yellow. Is this supposed to be a good sign? What do you guys think - Healthy or not?

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  6. This setup could work well. ventilation is very important though. after your plants take strong root i would advise taking off the glass and buying a small cheap fan with a 'bulldog' type clip and fixing it to the top of the bucket facing in. This will help circulate some air and stops pests etc. I am very interested in this grow so keep posting. The yellowing in the leaves is a small concern (although clones wont show healthy signs untill they have taken strong root). what nutes/ferts are you using. I had similar yellowing in my lower leaves a few times. I use an organic mix with high N mid P and simple trace elements. If you arent using nutes or ferts you will be amazed at the speed in which your plants will recover. Keep up the good work bro.
  7. Have been using no ferts just plain water. I assumed that any nutes they might need would already be in the soil. As far as ventilation i just take the top off and and blow some fresh air in there every few hours. They will be moving into an actual grow room once they have rooted and switched back to veg growth.
  8. hi guys...
    i reckon this set up will work well! im not sure about ventilation... after all more vent means less humidity and we all know that clones need a lot of humidity since theyve got no roots.
    some yellowing of the leaves is should check on your clones everyday and clip those parts that have gone yellow and died.
    Take a look at this very intructive video on the tube for more info and good luck!!
    [ame=""]YouTube - Cloning Marijuana - part 1[/ame]

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