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My uncle has cancer and lukemia

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fishrealhigh, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Just got an email telling me my uncle was just diagnosed w. Lukemia and cancer of some type. just removed a few tumors think in his neck. He lives in Colorado Springs so been reading about the Rick Simpson Oil and its supposed to "cure" cancer. I feel if this oil is an option i am wrong for not telling him. How do i aproach him on this subject. Our plant is here for a reason fellas:)There are youtube videos on it. RUN FROM THE CURE is ricks video has a sequel too. Seen it cure someone's skin cancer on Youtube too. Anyone have any comments info or advise for me. Not sure my uncles stance on med mj but he is in a legal state and what's the worst case he gets high. He is an avid gardener too:) kinda new here but have got a great vibe from yall lurking. Used to grow can't now. Just want to help my uncle and hopefully everones knowledge here can help too! Please everyone throw in your .02! Oh yeah i work on a shrimp boat in GA and my capt. has some knarley skin cancer thing the size of a quarter half inch tall on his face. That oil is an idea. He loves pot:) Any info on this subject will help. Thanks
  2. Bump good luck opI don't knowSorry
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    As far as I know there's no solid proof towards a cannabis substance "curing" cancer, however having said that it has been proven that its use leads to the stunting of cancerous cell growth. There is only speculation at this point as to why that is, but many believe that if there proper funds were provided to study this plant more, this reason may become more clear. Others think the actual "cure" for cancer is hidden deep in the inner workings of the plant, yet as I've said before the proper funding hasn't been established to produce enough solid information about the chemical reactions occurring while smoking, vaporizing, or ingesting marijuana. Possibly some day in the future when enough people are sick of pharmaceutical drugs and their cons will the proper funding be provided.
    There's virtually no reason to avoid the use of cannabis while combatting any form of cancer (including Leukemia and/or tumors) unless instructed not to do so by a doctor because of the chance of interfering with chemotherapy... yet, the proper research hasn't been done, so when a doctor states this as fact, he/she is most likely pulling it from the bum of an elephant.
    I hope I helped.
  4. Dont let this one die need help please
  5. If you want to convince your uncle or anyone that cannabis can actually eliminate cancer in humans, read  It's long, but the scientific and experiential evidence is truly overwhelming.  Included is medical documentation of multiple terminal cancer patients who went into remission after oil, along with dozens of other successes for non-terminal cancers and additional diseases like diabetes, Crohn's, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, and more.
  6. @[member="fishrealhigh"].... I have been in pretty much the same situation as you this past year. I shared with my uncle what I knew. Had him watch a video and gave him some info. Although he was receptive, he hasn't accepted the help I offered him. This makes me sad but I respect his decision and pray he is cured through conventional treatment. He did put in a real solid effort in treating his cancer naturally to no avail. I am saddened at the thought that I have been unable to help but.... I shared what I could and it is, after all his decision. I would encourage you to do the same. Find some good resources to show him. It comes down to his choice but he should be informed that he has a choice. I wish you and your uncle the best.Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. Tell your uncle that you care for him and want him to get better, then tell him there is a cure out there, then start telling him about Rick Simpson oil where it comes from and how it's made.
  8. Do you have any links to info i can share with him about the RSO and treating cancer and lukemia? Any info will help. Found some but need some solid evidence before i come at him with this suggestion. Thanks for helping guys
  9. Well my uncle has made it thru chemo. He is one tough sob:). His "counts" are down to zero although he is fighting a slight case of pneumonia. Waiting a couple weeks for a no.e marrow transplant. Crossing my fingers. My step aunt says he is hurting pretty bad. What a fucked up world were in. Why can't we devot more resources to learning about this plant when there are so many studies proving the benefits of marijuana instead of the "marijuana madness" ideal from my parents generation. How can we open the worlds eyes?^_^:ph34r:
  10. (thanks storm crow)
    Show him this.
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    By far, the best resource for information about the oil and how it is being used to treat cancer is this huge report:

    Not being researched? Cannabis and it's effect on cancer is being researched, right now, actively, for the past few years too. There is a ton of information out there, you seem to be unaware of it.
    Whether or not there is proof that cannabinoid medicines cure cancer is a complicated subject. There is no proof, but in this type of medicine there is rarely black-and-white "proof". Currently, there are no clinical trials that have investigated cannabis for cancer. There are however a plethora of in vitro studies and in vivo studies in animal models showing very strong anticancer activity from cannabinoids.
    The mechanisms by which the cannabinoids fight tumors are well understood- apoptosis, antiangiogenesis and antiproliferation. How exactly cannabinoids achieve these mechanisms through the endocannabinoid system is still misunderstood.
    And finally, lately, a few case studies have come out looking at some patients who have successfully put their cancer into remission with cannabis oil.
    Here is a good one I just got done reading. 14 year old girl with leukemia reduced her blast cell count drastically after going on the oil. Unfortunately she died due to stomach bleeding caused by the chemotherapy and malnourishment, but her cancer was in complete remission, well after chemo had been unsuccessful. 

    Full text of the report is available if you click on "Fulltext PDF."
  12. Have you told him about the benefits of MJ during chemo as well? I guarantee 1 week after not being able to eat much of anything will leave him pretty desperate for some kind of relief...maybe see if he's interested in edibles if he's not up for smoking.

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