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My Ultimate Way to pass a drug test in 48 hours!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by fabe85, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Ok guys iam about to post some shyt, on how to pass any drug test in 48 hours.

    first you must get these items

    Green tea extract 400 mg +
    Cranberry Extract pills 400 mg +
    2 gallons of Arizona green tea
    2 gallons of Cranberry juice

    day 1
    take 3 cranberry and 3 green tea pills in mouring during breakfast
    3 and 3 during lunch and then 5 and 5 at dinner.

    work out at night before bed.
    Workout should consist of running 1.5 miles or more and throw in 100 push ups directly afterwards.
    do all this by chuging down green tea juice.

    Also this is a must.
    Go in your car, take your shirt off and blast that fucking heater on high. you can even drive around for a bit, but your windows might get extremly foggy. Stay in there for atleast 20 min. You'll come out soaked.

    then shower, pop 3 and 3 and go to sleep.

    next mourning wake up to nice glass of cranberry and 3 and 3 of pills.
    then 4 and 4 at lunch and 5 and 5 at dinner.
    one more session of working out and homemade car suanna 4 and 4 before bed and by mourning you'll be clean as a whistle. just load up on green tea and 2 b-12 pills 2 hours before test.

    Tested myself positive on friday night for
    cocaine, Mdma and Thc. after a hugh party thursday night.
    And bymonday mourning at 10 pm, I was clean as fuck, and remained clean for another test on thursday.
    I've had my friend do this routine and he came out clean too.
    Everyone due for a test, follow these instructions closely and test yourself with an at home test to be positive. Or shall i say negative :)

    post your success stories.
  2. Well coke gets out your system a lot quicker than THC but does this honestly seriously work?
  3. Damn if this works thats sick!
  4. +rep for this info.. i reguarly have drug test.. where do you get them pills at tho?

  5. try like a gnc or something.. or the largest shopping center in the world THE INTERNET
  6. Those pills can be found at Publix, GNC, CVS or basically any vitamin shop. Any name brnad will do.
    Also i know coke comes out of your system in 3 days, but this method removed coke from 2 of my friends in 36 hours, basicaly they used saturday night heavy. and by monday mourning clean as a whistle.

    This method is by far the best.
  7. Just one question after you did this.

    Did you shit with the force of a B-12 bomber?

  8. I would say he pissed more than Anything. Cranberry juice makes you piss like there no tomorrow, and not to mention he has cranberry juice AND capsules.
  9. I have been on probation off and on since 95. I have leaned the hard way how to pass, because I don't believe I should be told what I can and can't do. I smoke 3 weeks out of the month I quit 6 days before test. I quit taking opiates 2 days before test. I eat plenty of fiber because it helpls the body get rid of the thc, the day before. The days before that I eat plenty of meat and protien. The day of the test drink several glasses of water. One hour before the test I take 80 mgs. of Lasix,(flourisimide) this is a prescription diretic. It slows down the kidneys that produce the metabolites that cause you to show up hot. If you have trouble tracking down lasix just go to an online pharmacy. I order it all the time from a canadian pharmacy. Very cheap. If you can't get lasix drink a lot of coffee in the morning then a gallon of water. Exercise helps a lot too. Especially with the opiates. If you urinate about ten to twelve times before the test you should be good. Take a few b-2 vitamins to give your urine color. Some people will say that the lack of color will make the test not count. This is not true. My piss is always clear. What are they gonna do. All you have to say is you drank a lot of water so you could piss. Never failed and never had a problem. Don't take my word for it. You can buy home drug test kits online for next to nothing so test yourself and that way you will know how long it takes. Good luck to all.
  10. 5 year bump....to see how all pass

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