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  1. Alright. So I figured I have all these things in mind I want in a girl. I think its time for me to get back in the dating game real soon.
    First, I want to get my economical shit together. It shouldnt take long, but who knows. Anyway, I have always just been the type to meet girls via the "hey this is my friend..."
    Meaning, I usually meet girls when someone introduces me to them.
    I have done the random-go up to a girl- at the mall thing. But I have only gotten two or three numbers that way. From young girls who are quite sluttish. Not my type of thing.

    But I feel that I am ready to meet a classy girl with some attractive qualities.
    So here's what I want in a woman:

    1. She should be an artists, of any type.
    2. She must have goals and be motivated to achieve them.
    3. She should be about my height.
    4. She should love cleanliness and tidiness. However, no OCD will be accepted.
    5. She must be between the ages of 24-28
    6. A wonderful smile with pearly whites. This should be number 1.
    7. She must be educated, nothing less than a college drop out. (Intention is what matters)
    8. She must love to eat right and take care of her health. I can do the cooking.
    9. I have never smoked weed with a girl that I was actually attracted to, so she should be open to occasionally sparking up with me. (I only smoke like once or twice a month now)
    10. No alcoholic-love club hopping- chicks.

    So, GC. Where does one go to meet these types of women?? The mall thing is usually a game of luck. I have no time for it. I hate the mall.
    All the friends of friends are just girls who are widowed or divorced. I have really old friends.
    Please give a brotha some tips. I think Im average looking but my love for life and happiness outweigh my average looks. Here's some pics of myself incase maybe this type of woman is out there in the internet!

    Andto my GC bros. whats ur type of woman?? Describe the top 10 things youre looking for ina girl.

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  2. You're awfully picky.

    All I want from a girl is an initial attraction and for her to be able to handle my quirks.
  3. I got divorced a few years ago and when I first started dating again I made a list. Kind of a pros and cons, this is what I want, this is what I don't want. For what it's worth, the last girl I fell in love with, was everything I said I didn't want. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it's food for thought. I think my heart wants something different from my brain.
  4. You got to be picky bro. To a certain point. Really, the most important thing for me is a girl with a good sense of humor. And throughout my years of meeting women, I can say that usually a girl with a good sense of humor will have most of the qualities I described or is somewhere close to it.

    Man I know thats exactly how it happens. Sometimes u end up falling for a complete opposite of what u want. But thats love. I hope somethin like that happens to me also, but usually when I meet women with undesirable qualities I just dont continue to communicate with them. So it could just be me. I am a weirdo.
  5. 1. Big ass
    2. Nice Ass
    3. Round ass
    4. Proportional ass
    5. Good boob to ass ratio
    6. Soft ass
    7. Clean ass
    8. Great Ass
    9. Nice pussy
    10. Has an effective understanding of human nature along with the an ample supply of self-generated awareness that should compliment a vast array of various information that she has, over the years, willingly sought out and collected in order to better herself as a human being.
  6. YyyyyYeah dawg! Your entire list is my number 11 on my list. Thanks!
  7. Dating sites ????
  8. Word?
    Bro, just posting this thread I felt like a weirdo. But then again, Im from the time when only fat losers shunned by society used dating sites. I wonder if that game has changed now and u can actually meet a normal girl online???
  9. Haha, that's silly. I've met a bunch of cool people online and I'm no fat loser lol. Now whether they were normal is questionable :laughing:
  10. How do u do it? How do u approach a girl online?
    I usually suck at it because i go by profile pic. And im sure the pretty girls with nice profile pics get hit on all the time. So they assume im just another guy tryin to hit it. And i am. Lol but how do I approach a woman ONLINE without her thinking im a perv??
    I usually say: hi!
    Hey whats up, Im...

    But 100% of the time, I have never gotten a reply.
  11. For me I don't do it any differently than in the real world, but I guess you kind of learn how to "be yourself" online after a while. A LOT of people online bullshit a lot and people figure it out after a while. I'm just friendly and talk to people. Sometimes there's an attraction, sometimes not, it's like I just try to figure out if the person is someone I would want to hang out with or meet in person and then proceed from there. A lot of the pretty faces online aren't even real profiles. Some of them are girls that crave tons of attention. A lot of them are whacko crazy bipolar schitzo psycho lunatics. But every once in a while you meet someone really chill lol.
  12. This is true bro. I did meet one girl like 7yrs ago from a forum i used to be active on. She was really cool and we still chat from time to time.
    However, She still makes advances on me like she wants to date.
    Do people just assume u want to date when u approach them online??
    I like ur idea about just being urself. I think I might have to start with that right offf the bat. Hows this:

    Hi, Im tony macarroni,
    Im not looking for love or relationship, just wanna chat and meet new people.
  13. Are you really in Mexico dude? The scene might be a little different down there lol.

    I think yeah, most people online assume you want to date. Well girls anyway (but you gotta be careful lol!). And almost everybody SAYS, "yeah i'm just here to make friends yada yada". The difference is just really be about making friends and eventually someone comes along you hit it off with without trying, you know?
  14. Ah yeah man, the dating scene is VERY different here. Most girls are gold diggers because thats just the way girls are raised here. The culture is so fucked up in that sense. Thats why older men dating younger girls is not frowned upon but encouraged.

    I have not really expanded my socializing online except for GC and FB.
    But FB is really annoying. Out of the 300 friends or so That are always online, I only chat with my mom and a few cousins. I find everyone else to be real stupid and annoying on FB. But i cant resist accepting friend requests! Lol

    Man, I would like to meet women in real life though.
    Im very sociable and i can make friends easily. This is a negative thing when I meet women because they assume I get many women and im just trying to play or something. Wtf!
    Man, i gotta get out of here and back to anywhere USA.

    I would like to meet a cool american chick. Just because thats my culture.
  15. It's funny how the "grass is always greener on the other side of the fence". I don't know if I would say all Mexican girls are gold diggers, but I have found that in most countries outside of the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia, people have more "traditional" values than most of the younger generation here. This usually just means the male is the head of the household and the provider, while the women take care of the family and home. That's not always a bad arrangement, my ex wife was Thai and it worked great for us while the kids were young. But I did miss something about the independent spirit of American women. I didn't like feeling like my girl was my dependent, I wanted more of an equal partner. Will you find that in a Mexican girl? I don't know. Maybe a Mexican-American girl lol. Me? I only date American girls now lol. But I do know what you mean about women assuming that you are a player or whatever, I get that a lot because I can be really friendly or outgoing at times and was pretty popular as a younger guy on the dating scene but I've grown up since then lol.
  16. I met my bf online. But neither one of us is normal so.... lol
  17. When I was 17 I had a list of 27 items. My list now?

    Respects me.
    Has a job.
    Makes me laugh.

    Sure there are other little things like same hobbies, plays an instrument and likes to travel. But my top 3 are non negotiable.
  18. Lists are too picky, just go with someone you enjoy. Opposites can attract like you've never known but similarities can make the world spin too. We think we know what we want but it's not always up to us.

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