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  1. Heres my first car ever, a 1966 Mustang. My uncle gave it to me when I turned 16. Afte rI had that MY other uncle gave me a 65 Ford F250, because he had a truck already and he didnt want it. Afte rI I had that for a long time I traded it for a 1988 beretta GT.

    Heres a pic ontop of skyline drive, a kinda toourist attraction thats free and you can drive over the top of a mountain thats pretty tall, it overlooks the whole city, anyone can drive over it, right behind the mountain are the hogbacks where you can drive cars, (if your experiened enough, ppl in four wheel drives get stuck there, or hit rocks in the road and get bent rims, I've never hit anything... I jumped my truck there. IT was badd ass..

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  2. heres the truck, it had a 352, big block in it, a 4:11 posi rear end, fast as hell.. I would smoke the tires in 3rd gear, I did donuts in a church parking lot for like a minute, in 3rd gear, rapped out... Smoke all over from the tires.. It was cool, I jumpe dit in the hogbacks, I took i there while it was pouring a long time ago, and took this picture out of my window while I was high, it was a shitty cam sorry..

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  3. my beretta, I regret trading it for the truck, I miss my truck.. My berettas a little bit fast, but my truck would waste it, and it only had a 2 barrell, I was gonna get a nice 4 barrel intake and carb, but never did... And If I got electronic ignition, and good coil etc, it would be bad ass, The guy I traded to was crazy, I think I can buy it back, Maybe I will sometime, he drives really slow so I know it will be in god shape whn I get it back since he has worked on it.. hmmmm...

    oh yah, the beretta..

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  4. Oh yeah, the guy was crazy, he had a heart attack and was on morphine all the time and painted the car and had grim reaper put on it.... I dont really care too much about the carr to pay for a paintjob.. so I donno..

    I had a really loud cd player, those are two of the 8 speakers it has, sony xplod 6x9s 180 watts, two sony xplod 4.5" voice speakers up front in dash, and then 2 more xplod 6x9 180watts in a box with 2 600 watt 10"s Those and the ones in back have an damp and 10 band eq. so thats cool, but the cars not really my style..

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