My tuesday...

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  1. This day is kinda a haze to me.. I dont remeber alot.

    But i got fucked up beyond belief.

    I went to adult ed from 8:45-11:35 in the morn. During that time i snorted a nice line of speed, Which i had never done before.

    Then had enough for about 8 more lines off this dude. Payed nothing.

    Went to my homie miracles. He had enough for 2 blunts to smoke. So we got down. He broke up some herb and i broke out the speed.

    I did 6 lines, He did two. Then we smoked a blunt.

    We was with my homie alvin but he aient do no speed. He smoked the blunt.

    Miracle pulled out 3/4 a fifth and asked if i wanna get drunk. It was before noon. I said fuck yeah ill drink some. Im already speeded up and high. So i took a couple chugs, Gave it to miracle. He took a chug, Handed it to me. We did this for about 20 minutes until it was gone. We got a decent buzz of this shit.

    Then his boy shows up and shit. We smoked another blunt. His boy went to the store and got a fifth and a 40. Me n miracle on the fifth, Mike on the 40.

    Well we got down. We kept matching shot from shot from the bottle. Like 2-3 shots each time.

    We got pretty drunk, Im like dawg im done. Well we kept matching shots and i kept saying im done. I was gettin drunk now. I fucking walked into the wall and almost fell down the stairs to go take a piss.

    But we kept dirnking.

    He gulped some while i was downstairs and threw up and drank more. Then i drank more. We killed the fifth. We got so drunk. Last thing i remeber is trying to stand up for something, And i fell down onto the floor. Face jus smacked the carpet. I laughed my ass off. So did all fo they.

    I dont remeber shit now.

    I dont remeber coming home. I remeber being in my bathroom and taking a piss and falling down twice while taking a piss.

    Then i went to my room and passed out.

    Crazy day.... I heard so many stories of what went down lol.
  2. yo dawg, that shit be dank. aint need to go and all that fucked up, just chill brotha.
  3. yeah man, thats crazy i would have been fine smoking the blunt and maybe a drink that would be good for me
  4. dude. please tell me those were fifths of wine. cuz otherwise you have balls of steel to be walking in school. i mean ive definitely chugged more liquor than that from time to time, but school man? jesus, what balls.

    cool story.
  5. They was fifths of five oclock vodka.
  6. hahahahha damn dude you got hella fucked up. messed up on 3 drugs. intense
  7. haha sounds like a bad ass day man
  8. Hahaha!!!!! hilarious, somehow i don't find it the least bit hard to imagine you stumbling and pissing all over haha :laughing:
  9. damn snorting speed thats sooo dirt.
  10. i couldnt bring my self to fuck with speed but it sounds like you got pretty blown.
  11. KeepSmokinReefa, I've been readin this site for a while and like your stories man keep it up.

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