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my trusty old scale has failed me, any idea wtf this error message is?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iryad, Aug 16, 2008.

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    i just turned on my scale to find it giving an error message that reads: "out2", but you know, in numerical spelling. at least that what it looks like to me. i have no idea wtf it means, and i threw away the manual so i can't look it up. anyone have any clue?!

    edit: here's a pic on how the message looks like:

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    All I found was this brief, vague answer on yahoo! answers:

    Q: The scale is reading "out 2" on the display. I read a blog that recommended re-calibrating the scale, but offers no instruction on how. I am not sure of the brand, but it is a black digital scale with the spring loaded top that folds around the back. Anybody out there know how to do this?

    A: use a roll of nickels or something that weighs 100 grams turn it on and hold down both buttons till it starts counting down then put weight on it

    I think I found what the guy was referring to: :
    Does your scale show "Out2" on the display? This means it needs to be recalibrated. Please follow the recalibration instructions that came with your scale, or there are copies of the manuals available at the bottom of this page.

    There are no manuals at the bottom of the page.

  3. nice find, i tried googeling but didn't get anything, what did you type in exactly?!

    thank you very much, i'm ganna try messing around and see if i can calibrate this thing. thanks again!

  4. You're welcome.

    I typed "scale message out2" and found the yahoo answer, then with "scale out2" I found the other website.
  5. ah i see.

    after doing some research, it takes 500 grams to calibrate my scale. anyone have any idea how i can get 500 grams exactly?
  6. A roll of nickels.
  7. coins weigh a certain amount.

    edit: nickels are 5 grams each (100 nickels...)
  8. i know a nickle weights exactly 5 grams, but i don't have 100 nickels at the moment lol.
  9. rolls of quaters possibly?

  10. Break a bill at the bank brah!
  11. use a dinner plate and some food maybe?

    something with more surface area
  12. the other thing u have to be careful of is to make sure all of ur nickels are 5 grams cuz certain nickels that were made along time ago weigh different weights as well as canadian nickels.
  13. At least yours doesn't say "F---H" when u turn it on and have a cracked lid and an apparent pressure shatter point that even put a little dent in the metal weigher. Ya, never loaning out my stuff again.:mad:
  14. Here is the Fix!! Issue is because of calibration

    1. Turn off scale
    2. Hold and press down all keys at once
    3. Random 5 number digit will pop up, press the M(mode) button.
    4. The number 50.00 should pop up
    5. Place a small piece of metal on the sale
    6. If done right, it should say pass, else re do 1-5.
  15. A small piece of metal? You need a 100-500g weight depending on the scale.

    And despite this being an old thread, I will correct the previous answers about using nickels.
    Most weigh 4.9-5 grams, the weight does vary depending on the coin. If you use 20 nickels to equal 100 grams, you could be off by 2 grams, which means your scale would not be accurate..
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  16. Use water
    100grams = 3.527 ounces. and so on

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