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My trip through hell, the 4th dimension and back

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amator herbae, Oct 9, 2010.

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    So, yeah, I'm the guy that *used* to have never smoked the herb before and was worried about "Adverse Reactions" in this thread . Well, I'm proud to say that I lost my MJ virginity a few days ago and man, was it "interesting." Let me explain.

    My friend gives me one bud to play with ( grind up ) before we use my 20'' long bong. I'm already nervous because the dealer thinks that such a device could give me too big of a hit ( he cares about his customers ;) ) and suggests I use a pipe instead which my friend has relayed to me but of course I'm stubborn and want to use the bong.

    After grinding the single bud, which smells and looks like beasters or high-mids, ( stems but no seeds that I can tell -- very potent mint/skunk smell ) and stuffing about 1/8 or less of it into the bong's chillum, I start inhaling and let the negative pressure draw the flame to the weed. Before you know it I have a 20'' column of milk and I clear the chamber after letting off of the carb and hold the smoke in for 7 to 10 seconds or more after which coughing ensues. Ignoring the advice of my friend, I see that there's still some weed left in the chillum so I light up again and inhale another 20'' column of milk and again hold the smoke in for 7 to 10 seconds or more after which much more coughing ensues and it feels like I just burned my lungs.

    After about 10 minutes, the shit starts to happen. First my pulse goes up to almost 200 bpm and I start shaking. Also, my cognitive abilities tank as I cannot form a coherent set or stream of thoughts -- it's like my brain is in chaos. Furthermore, about every 20 seconds I would forget what happened in the last 20 seconds.

    At this point I'm having a level-10 ape-shit panic-attack and I'm screaming things like "This is the closest to death I've ever been" and "Please help me god" even though I'm a fucking atheist. Anyway, I suggest to my friend that I take my night meds ( which contain a lot of CNS depressants ) so as to stave off any worsening of the panic attack.

    Here's where things get weird. Time seemed to have slowed down like everything was repeating itself in some kind of forward-forward-back pattern so I sat down on the chair in the living room to relax and try to take my mind off of it and fortuntely my pulse slowly dropped to 130 then 100. Then this weird shit started where about every other minute I could feel this dis-associative phenomenon coming on and for a minute I'd be awake but in a semi-dream state. Then after a minute I'd come out of it and only partially remember what had happened during that time. Next this wave of sensation passed over me and ALL pain in my body disappeared -- it was like a pleasant numbing feeling that seemed to be a battle between cool tingling and warmth. Also, my "aura" or "soul", even though I don't believe in such things, was like a balloon tethered to my body on a 1 meter string and floated in and out of myself passing through me every so often. I also seemed to hear people's voices in a reverse echo before they spoke like in the movie "Poltergeist." I felt as if I was in some type of ethereal embryonic fluid that held me up like a cushion of air and when I tried to move it was like swimming with no sense of gravity of direction. I also had this strange feeling when I moved that somehow my body or sense of "self" occupied more than one place in space at once, like some kind of astral trail my extremities would leave as in an overexposed photograph. ( You know, like in those night shot overexposures of a freeway? )

    My friend informs me that i was talking in an extremely melow stoner voice -- "Heeeeyy... Amm III stilll..... aalliivvee...?"

    I'm almost absolutely sure that this weed was not laced.

    Was it the weed? Too much too fast? The fact that I had a high heart rate beforehand, had imbibed a large amount of caffeine and was just nervous with the whole thing to boot? Or am I unlucky and somehow "allergic" to marijuana? Do note that I'm VERY sensitive to psychoactives and ESPECIALLY *stimulants* which THC is, albeit mild compared to others.

    Any advice would be welcomed as I'm quite upset with the situation.

    One thing is for sure though, if my heart had not raced, I would have been toasted out of my mind.
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    congrats u got high as shit. I wish i could experience this once again lol. Weed just increases ur heart rate because its a stimulant. You need to take the advice of ur friends and not go balls to the wall. You didnt know what to expect and got super baked.

    You are gonna hear the same shit here as ur friends told u straight off. Take there advice, they have been in ur shoes.

    I dont want to compare weed to alcohol but its the same when u first start drinking. If you take 3-4 shots to the face right away u are gonna have a bad experience.

    Why would u want to overload your body with weed when u dont know the effects expecially with all the "adverse" effects you are worried about? If you read about all the bad stuff that happens ur mind doesnt know anything else to think about when getting high. You have to be in the right mindset
  3. You were just very high.

    Let me break it down.

    1. First time smoking +500 to high meter.
    2. 20 inch bong +500 to high meter
    3. Milked the bong, twice! +Some number I can't even calculate
    4. The two hits were in a row.

    Keep tokin' bro!
  4. your gonna be fine.

    your weed was not laced.

    you got really high, had a panic attack which forced adrenaline to surge through your veins, and then took CNS depressants, all while you were well aware of your sensitivity to stimulants.

    just please listen to voice of reason next time, and try not to let this ruin cannabis for you. Take it easy, and maybe smoke a bowl or a J during your next session.
  5. I've been smoking for a long time, and I smoke high quality bud, I get extremely high if I milk my 18" bong all the way. You being a first time user with no tolerance and no idea what to expect, you got way too high and had a panic attack.

    I suggest you try again with a pipe or if your friends smoke a joint then take a drag. Take small hits and wait 10 minutes to see if you feel anything, and if you feel comfortable enough you can try a little more. Remember, you can always smoke more but you can't smoke less after it's done.
  6. Great read! I'm so baked right now!
    Dude, you freaked the hell out!
    The titles a bit crazy IMO.

    Damn I'm high.
  7. Your good man. This happened to me when I first started smoking aswell. i rolled a blunt and there was about a gram in it. I had no clue about how much I could handle I had only smoked a few times before. So, I smoke the whole gram. And I was very very very very high. My vision was blurry as fuck. I was seeing things move in slow motion like 2 seconds behind actual reality. I couldnt really stand and I forced my friend to make me coffe( who was not high), I explaind to him how to make it just screaming out random numbers for cups of coffe-water or w.e lol. I was fucked up. Never gotten that high again. (literally, I cannot get thAt high anymore, Ive tried.)
  8. haha you were just fucking stoned bro. No problem with your weed or anything. That "sensation" you feel throughout your body is just euphoria\body high. I miss that alot. Don't usually get that very often anymore. As for the panic attack this is very common. For about the first 10 to 15 times I've smoked I had some slight and severe anxiety. You'll get over it with time. Just relax chill out or eat something and I assure you that you'll be ok. Trust the herb. Let it do what it is meant to do
  9. I love getting ripped as fuck. :D
  10. you just got fucking ripped on your first time getting high.
  11. sounds like you got stoned and had somewhat of a good time. keep on smokin :smoke:
  12. Funny thing is, I remember reading that thread, yet not posting in it.
  13. Sounds like what you are describing is "the shift" When you find your head, your thinking, your reality has shifted perception into a new mindstate that you never experienced before and didnt even know you could experience. Then thats when your body decided to freak itself out. Your body pulled the fire alarm and said somthing is wrong here! Ive had the same sensations the first few times and even some times into my career. Its a panicky thing and has less to do with the weeds standard effects and more to do with how your mind is choosing to handle this new shift in conciousness.(if that makes sense) That was my experience, this i realized after figuring out what this thing was doing to me. Just a guess.
  14. Yeah, I think your getting pretty high man. :smoke:
  15. Yeah but my heart rate went so high ( so did my blood pressure ) that it became irregular. That scared the shit out of me.

    The CNS depressants are part of my normal daily medication regimen and I took them early because, THC, being a Central Nervous System Stimulant would, or at least I thought, be contraindicated by the CNS depressants thus lowering my dangerously high heart rate.

    Advice taken. :) I've learned my lesson. :D

  16. i wish i could be that high :(
  17. sounds like you got high
  18. wow dude you definitely did not go through the 4th dimension using nugs sry
  19. someone got shacked. haha. you'll be chill man just like everyone above said. :hello:
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    You were just high. It's normal for a fast heartbeat to occur. Sorry you couldn't enjoy your high, because if I were in your shoes, I'd be the happiest alive. I think your panic attack condition has a lot to do with why you reacted. You just have to drill it into your head that it's what you're supposed to expect. Weed isn't for everyone, however it is what you make of it.

    I remember I used to smoke a lot of reggie about 5 - 6 years ago. I thought I knew all about being high, but when I made the transfer to more potent strains like sour d, northlights, mango kush, etc:, it was on a whole 'nother level. I honestly thought I was about to die, but in the back of my sober mind, I knew it was supposed to be this way, so instead of being afraid, I ended up having a good night enjoying the best high of my life.

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