My trichomes under a USB 100x mag, strange the youngest plants have the most trichom

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  1. Hi
    I have attached four photos of the big bud plant I'm currently growing in soil under a 400w HPS (12/12). The plants with the most trichomes are the youngest and the smallest (5 weeks) , and they have been growing in those new type flower pots which are made of some type of fibre to allow plenty of air etc.
    I'm wondering is having more trichomes a good sign regarding the quality and the amount of THC per plant. The smaller plants proabably won't yield half as much, but they sure do have a lot of trichomes
    The other two plants have been growing in normal pots, (10lt) and are twice as tall.


    PS. The files named P1 & P2 are the oldest approx 6 weeks and are in the biggest pots. The files names P3 & P4 are the youngest and are in smaller new type pots.

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