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My top 30 movies to watch baked.

Discussion in 'Movies' started by ottawahursty, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. #1 ottawahursty, Feb 28, 2009
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    Over the past few weeks I've been doing some major research smoking a lot of weed and watching plenty of movies and what not and I think I have officially come up with my top 30 list of enjoyable movies to watch while you are baked (we count down from 30 :D).. so without further AH DO:

    30. The Toxic Avenger

    I'm going to be honest, I needed one more movie to fill out the list so I asked a buddy and he suggested this. It made the top 30 based on it's IMDB page alone.. looks really fucking goofed!

    29. Step Brothers:

    Very funny movie and I laughed out loud a ton of time.

    28. School of Rock:

    Audibly pleasing songs and music plus a good movie, also love jack black when im baked.

    27. Up in Smoke (or any Cheech and Chong movie):

    Now, I'm sure a lot of you would want this higher up on the list but it's just not my kind of thing. Movie of course makes the list but it's not as high as some may want it.

    26. How High

    More classic stoner comedy that we all love.

    25. Superbad:

    Absolutely hilarious.

    24. Boondock Saints:

    Fucking awesome action movie and great all around film! "I TOLD YOU YOU DIDN'T NEED ANY STUPID FUCKING ROPE"

    The Wall:

    Really odd.

    22. Finding Nemo:

    Got to catch this gem on CBCHD when I was completely ripped a few weeks ago and it was awesome, hell, I love this movie when I'm not baked but weed made it amazing!

    21. Half Baked:

    Classic high comedy.

    20. Braveheart:

    Classic. Need I say more?

    19. 2001: A Space Odyssey:

    Some of the oddest shit you'll ever set your eyes on... plus it syncs up pretty nice to Pink Flloyd.

    18. Friday:

    Ice Cube (Can't act for shit) and Chris Rock are good for some generic black comedy and on screen luls.

    17. Pineapple Express:

    Seth Rogen and James Franco are good for some generic white comedy and on screen luls.

    16. The Wackness:

    Movie went to sundance this year and did well, I liked it. Hypothetical brain ticker about a NYC drug dealer during the summer after highschool.

    15. Super Troopers:


    14. 28 Days Later:

    Danny Boyle works his magic for this mind blowing rage infested film.

    13. Blow:

    Crazy movie superbly played by Johnny Depp.

    12. Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgandy (or any Will Ferrell movie):

    Will Ferrell is absolutely epic to watch... especially while you're ripped. Anchorman is my personal favorite but most of them are good.

    11. Fight Club:

    Epic movie, perfect plot, perfect ending, good acting, loved it, signed it, delivered it.

    10. The Goonies:


    9. Toy Story 1 and 2:

    Give it a shot, I loved it, very nostalgic, smoked a bowl with some friends, watched half of the first, smoked another bowl, watched the second half of the first, smoked a joint, watched the first half of the second, smoked some bowls, watched the rest of the first. The rest is history.

    8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:

    Another powerful JDepp performance mixed in with some very trippy and hilarious scenes. Highly recommend this one.

    7. Kill Bill 1 and 2:

    Quentin Tarantino is my favorite movie maker of all time, these two movies are crazy to watch if you are sober or high or even drunk. Pure insanity. For watching procedure, see "Toy Story 1 and 2".

    6. Nightmare before Christmas:

    This is another one that is insane when you are baked. Crazy visuals, epic songs and a good plot.

    5. Forrest Gump:

    Amazing. You life, you cry, you cringe, you do it all. I love it.

    4. Oldboy:

    I know MOST of you have not seen this movie but I HIGHLY recommend it. Definitely download it, now, it is a Korean movie, but you can find an English dubbed version and it is epic. The plot twists make this a fucking masterpiece.

    3. Pulp Fiction:

    More classic Quentin Tarantino. The good acting and directing, natural dialogue, classic non-linear plot make this one amazing. And we cant forget classic generica angry samuel L jackson angry lines.

    2. Alice in Wonderland:

    This movie has everything, its crazy, the visuals are insane, there are fucking talking clams and shit its insane and crazy. There is also singing and a rabbit that runs around. One of my all time bakedwatch favorites.

    1. Slumdog Millionaire:

    Wow. This movie left me speechless. I saw way back before it hit theaters because I downloaded a DVD screener version of the movie (the ones they send out to be reviewed) and it was incredible. Watched it again the other day again on my big ass HD tv in 5.1 surround sound after smoking 2 bowls and a joint and then another bowl at the half way point ;). The visuals and score are amazing, the acting is incredible and the plot is amazing, everything about it was great and I'd HIGHly recommend it to anybody.

    That's the list, I hope you all enjoy! Keep in mind, I'm high as a kite right now so go easy on me if you disagree with it or don't like it! Share you comments, make your own list or tell me what you think! THanks!

  2. the big lebowski
  3. Nice list man...thanks.
  4. no prob bro!

    You should def try and get your hands on slumdog if you haven't seen it.. shit is epic!
  5. I rewatched slumdog millionaire last night and it was still as incredible as it was before :D

    If anybody wants a link to download it I'd be more than willing.. :wave:
  6. Ya can you link it to me?
  7. dude, i like your list man. here are some of my personal favourites: how high, boondock saints, half baked, pineapple express, friday, up in smoke, borat, superbad, knocked up, batman, blow..
    school of rock is hilarious too though.. btw thanks again for the list again ..it's priceless
  8. No prob bro, glad you enjoyed it. I like some of your additions like bookdock saints.. for sure a personal favorite.
  9. www.megaupload.com/?d=5RRDWRPR
  10. Hmm. I think the Lord of the Rings movies should be added. I'm a fantasy nut, and watching them alone is amazing... but watching them baked? You get SO into the movie, it's awesome. Probably my favorite trilogy to watch baked.

    And I think The Wall should be higher up on the list.

    But yea, I like a lot of movies up there.

  11. yeah you're right! Lord of the ring is totally awesome to watch baked!! it's like a fantasy world!:smoking:
  12. The Godfather... you're just like "holy shit!" the whole time haha

  13. lol wow, I just heard about and watched this movie about 2 days ago. It is pretty intense.
  14. Bill and teds exellent adventure.
    and if u wanna watch some tv high, tune into yo gabba gabba or superjail.
  15. Ah man you guys have to see the movie "Puff, Puff, Pass" with Danny Masterson. Now that's a pothead movie!
  16. I was a little hurt that dazed and confused didn't make the list.....
  17. thanks for the post... there are some great movies there I haven't seen in a while...

    don't forget about "grandma's boy"... but watch out for the lion!!
  18. Great list man, i've taken you're advice and im downloading Slumdog Millionaire and about to watch Oldboy online, read the imdb about it and sounds hooking.

    Anyway, im not sure if this is allowed but fuck it, only trying to help.. heres the link if you want to watch Oldboy online

  19. another list..

    not too bad
  20. Do not forget Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. No, not the abomination with Johnny Depp, the classic 1971 film starring Gene Wilder.

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