My toking tool collection

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by PinkZebrazGreen, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. image-3115670413.jpg

    This is spiderman, a new investment.


    The "party packer" its over a foot long and you can fit 2-3gs in the bowl. Its a steamroller, and itll fuck up a room of people.


    Everyone should have a sweet little pipe for those sneaky convenient tokes.


    My newest purchase, a vapor bros. Been loving this bad boy. Probably my two favorite things about the vape is the quality and length of the high. Its just not a smack you in the face high like im used to, i think i just need a t break lol.


    The good ole left coast. Nothing to say here, just a no-drag ripfest. (I know its nasty, im out of 420 formula and i just got a vape, lol)


    Ashcatcher for the left coast, love this thing but it offsets the balance and makes the left coast wanna fall forward, bad business


    Finally the spoon, cool little guy.
  2. Nice pieces man!
    I'm loving that spiderman one.
    Where'd you get it?
  3. Yeah, I agree. The spiderman one is my favourite also.

    Nice collection.
  4. Thanks guys, it is an eye catcher.

    Got it at Stone Creek boutique, columbia station ohio. Cool dudes, expensive prices, quality glass. Every piece (including the vape) except the chillium and small spoon came from there in fact....

    Almost forgot of one of the most important ones!!

  5. lovin the spiderman piece and the chilum..
  6. Glad its getting some compliments!! I think my friend paid like $70 for it.
  7. the spiderman bowl is awesome
  8. diggin the spidey piece!
  9. I am still waiting on my Venom pipe lol.
  10. Damn haha itd be sweet to have both. Bumpin for my left coast vaporizer combo i just recently formed. Thing is absolutley awesome.

    Inside of the stem is completely clean, that was the tiny bit of my 420 i had left :(.

  11. I always prefer spoons and yours is amazing man

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