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  1. i have a small closet. 3x2x7. only 4 plants. about 3 weeks old. fucking amazing structure. from soil line to top is maybe 3.5 inches tall but about a square 8 inches in width. my best plant has 5 floors. u call internodes. white widow big bud cross.

    125 watt compact flouro about half an inch from the tops. temps vary from 70 to 80. i cut a square foot out of the top center of my closet door and about a 3.5 x 14 inch hole in my bottom. i have a decent size desk fan hanging from the inside top of my closet, actually centered right above my light, facing the square foot hole i cut out of my closet door. i guess the blades are eight inches froom the hole. when i turn the fan on, the airflow from the is crazy. im venting gusts out and gusts in? was wondering if over venting could ever be a problem? should my fan be on a timer? i dont use co2.

    im gonna throw another compact flouro on em and transplant into a three gallon when its time to flower. what are my absolute best chances to grow two or two point five grams per watt? whatever strategy u throw at me i will calculate my budget and see what hps i can get. but i heard some guys can get three grams per watt.

    how? is it just how green the thumb is? is it the size if the finish containter if in soil? is it light movers? by the way do they offer any light movers with rails under six feet? like a three foot rail? im not buying the hydro vs soil theory because i deem that irrelevant. hydro is efficient but i have time and patience on my side. im thinking a 3.5 ft by 2 ft scrogg, light movers, ten or fifteen gallon drums, two month veg time from seed or 1 to 1.5 month veg time from cloney clone clone.

  2. I have never heard of over venting plants. Yes leave your fans and vents on 24/7. Weight of harvest has to do with many things not only light. Indoors, the pot size is probably the largest determinant of yield amoungst other things. I don't know about the grams per watt thing but, for 4 plants, you should get a 250 watt or even better a 400 watt hps. Then you can expect at least an ounce per plant if all goes well.

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