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My thoughts and opinions on the new generation of pot smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Beentoken, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I'm beginning to see a lot of people smoke bud because of the rap culture influencing a lot of kids from 12-16, I even know people who don't even like smoking, they just do it because that is what everyone else is doing and want to fit in. I was one of the first ones who started smoking weed before anyone else my age even talked about it, now its becoming such a huge thing and people are smoking for so many different reasons. I know people who haven't even smoked but I see them at school dressin all bad ass, talkin all bad ass, bragging about how much purple kush they smoke and talkin like wiz khalifa and shit, its really fucking stupid and pathetic in my opinion. Like last night i bought this quarter oz off this junior, he said its purple kush, this shit is fucking low mids. Hes some good kid with rich parents too, he's got no reason to be dealing weed. And the fact that he doesnt know shit about weed in the first place to sell a quarter ounce of "purple kush" to someone when its shitty mids and probly couldnt tell me the differences between sativa and indica to save his life. There this other kid, probly goin into the 8th grade, he doesnt know shit about weed, has only smoked a couple times in his life, and carries this huge ego with him and he thinks he's like wiz khalifa or some fuckin gangster, and posts all weed lyrics and stuff on facebook, and everyone likes them and thinks hes awesome, but in reality hes a little pussy that doesn't even inhale, (ive seen him smoke before). This is more of a rant than anything, but yea i just think people are so fucking pathetic that they have to create this fake image of themselves and become someone they're not. I also hate when people talk like gangsters and shit and use so much slang you have to ask them to repeat themselves after everything they say, and then u find out what they said is fucking pointless and stupid. Its like some people are legit fucking retarted and are almost like little social rats, thats what me and my friend call them. The ones that go around and only know and talk about what other people know and talk about. And if you think about it, they are the fucking losers, that try their hardest to not look like one.What do you guys think about all this? It just seems like everyone else is such a dumb fuck.
  2. Not a lot of them where I live in Ontario, but I definately know the type. There is this one kid who doesn't really know a lot about weed, but gets the great stuff for pretty cheap(180$ an ounce) and the weed fits the description of the name so I don't really care. One time he spelt jack herer, jack hair:/
  3. if i could give you an award for saying that, god i would. its ridiculous how people think they need to create a fake image that involves smoking to be "cool"
    I admit ive done the weed related lyrics on fb, but not as a "hey everyone, I SMOKE WEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD"

    i know a kid who, a year ago was so preppy, against any kind of smoking ect and now tries to pull off the "yeah, im the biggest stoner around" image. i saw him with a shirt the other day that had step by step pictures of someone rollin up a doobie. kinda sad that people try so hard to get noticed as a stoner/smoker ect. tbh.
  4. Life's different when you're out of high school. People are generally better. Or maybe it's just that you have the option to not see the 'social rats' if you don't want to.
  5. Good point, The fame and glory of being a drug dealer/user never got popular until rap came along :rolleyes:

    Use paragraphs next time please
  6. lol don't buy weed from them?

    it's like that with everything though.. jus do you
  7. Honestly, who gives a fuck. Ignore them and don't hangout or associate with them. They are the ones that are gonna look back at their lives when they grow up a bit , and realize how much of tools they are. Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of people like that. Especially since i live in Cali, but generally most people are pretty chill. Those are the ones that you should chill with.
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  9. Not gonna lie bro I had to kinda skim it because that shit was hurting my eyes..Like one of the previous posters said man you just have to do you and not worry about other people..Definetly understandle having an opinion but don't let any of this stuff "frustrate" you bro its just not even worth it man...And the last sentence is alittle wack I think we both know that no one deserves to be robbed for any reason but I feel what your tryin to say..:smoke: burnin one for ya as we speak lol
  10. So you mean bros?

    I was camping with a bunch of people a few nights ago and there was this one kid there. COMPLETE BRO. He walks around like the biggest stoner but me and two of my girls outsmoked him while we were camping. (He was on all fours coughing while we hit the bong. Too funny)

    Anyway. Bros love to flirt so he was on my case the whole night. So stupid. But I decided to give him a chance since I didn't really know him. So I was trying to talk to him about weed and how costly it is where we live compared to down south. And I shit you not this kid says, yeah I smoke a lot of weed. Like a gram a week.

    Clearly this kid had no idea what he was talking about. Not to mention the last two times I've seen him I'VE had to smoke him up. Like what the fuck? He literally just assumes that some girl is just going to smoke him up without him matching. Such a little bitch, seriously.

    Just another laxbro loser. Taking over the stoner image and giving us a bad name. In my opinion if you're going to smoke weed you need to remain vital to society. Don't just leech off of some image and claim to be an adult. Grow up.
  11. hell yeah, i know people like this and i think the same shit, they're dumb fucks. to fake being themselves in life is just a waste of a life. good rant man.
  12. "I remember when it wasn't the thing to do because it was the thing to do. It was the thing to do because it got you high. Can you dig it?" - Willie Nelson, Half Baked.

    I can dig it, Willie. These rascals can't, it seems.
  13. Hell yeah. I remember smoking with these two kids who are all about that shit. We smoked two joints and they were like "We on that Wiz Khalifa shit." SMH'd
  14. paragraph format next time man. And yeah I dont really run into these kids and would never buy weed from a higherschooler.
  15. The new generation from the high school elder's perspective. I'm pretty sure you belong in the new generation category, too. ;). Just do you.
  16. So many more people are like this than I think you give credit for, weed or no weed. Its like they all have to merge into one social being, in a panic to be accepted. Its harder to find unique (and attractive (not sex related!)) qualities in people, because it seems like they have conditioned themselves towards a certain personality. In reality I think they become ignorant and arrogant, boring people. Its probably hard to know if I myself am one of these people or not, I like to think not...But who knows. Its a self deceptive process.

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