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My Theory

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budburnsweet, May 5, 2011.

  1. I have been smoking for about 4 years and honestly, unless I'm picking up from someone legit, stains don't matter. If you think it's dank for you, it's dank. Don't let strains mess with your head. In all of my experiences, people have different highs on different kinds of bud. I can be completely stoned and my bro can be semi. Pickup, smoke, if it's good, buy some more. If you can't find bud that's good for you at a decent price, keep looking.
  2. Was there a point to posting your baseless 'theory' :smoke:
  3. This is called common sense.
  4. Yeah this isn't really a "theory".. and it seemingly came from nowhere....but......thanks?:rolleyes:
  5. In my parts I highly doubt I even smoke legit "strains"... Theres only been two times ever that I knew for a fact I had what I was told.

    Once was years back and I cant even remember what it was anymore. And more recently I had some Med grade that came in its bottle in CA.

    BUT if its dank its dank, and thats really all that I care to know.
  6. Unless you're growing it yourself, or buying directly from your grower, the strain really won't matter lol.

    If I had a dollar for every time some hood fuck tried to sell me some ridiculously named strain, i'd be wealthier then oprah winfrey

  7. damn brah thats happend 3 billion times...:eek:
  8. Knowing which strains you enjoy is absolutely great, actually. The people who tend to claim they don't care about specific strains are the people who rarely have consistent access to specific strains. "Word of mouth" stain names, can be pointless, because for-profit dealers will name drop just as a selling point.
    But if you have had experience with specific strains, and no how to differentiate one type of high from another type of high, you would most definitely see why knowing strains is beneficial.

    There could be some high quality dank, but if it's a heavy indica (or indica dominant), I won't enjoy it as much as high quality sativa (or sativa dominant).
  9. Well yeah. I was smoking with my friend I mentioned before and we were discussing this topic.I will agree it is common sense, but on the other hand i was just stating a fact.
  10. Then there are places where to each their own comes into play, I purchase illegally but im in BC so (not trying to brag) I always get strain names at the default street value here. My dealer knows I seek medicinal benefits from my herbal smokes (lol) so he hooks me up with his best stock (Purple kush, white widow, green crack < which I have right now and is amazing) and he delivers to me because of my knee problems so along with what others have stated out a dealer who has a buisness outlook on the underground marijuana trade is priority imo, better service = they step up police forces dramatically and/or legalize/decriminalize it.
    Not saying a revolution of the undercover marijuana rreform is the only way to get it realized people actually benefit medically and even in profound ways from this magical plant.
  11. This isn't a theory.
  12. Umm.. well that was pointless, i thought like that for a few months when i started smoking, now i got my med card and strains do matter. I am generally an indica guy that can dig into some dank GDP.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  13. I just go by kush, good weed, and nip(schwag)
  14. not trying to be an asshole or anything...;) but what were you thinking when you posted this "theory" of yours? if strains didnt matter, why would people go through countless trial and error in order to prefect their favorite kind of weed? on the street i guess its not as big a deal cuz the average stoner will take what he/she can get. but medical opens up a whole new dimension filled with so many goodies its stupid. uk cheese, super silver haze, chokalope, white rhino... so many more these are just a few i have smoked. so how can you argue that the particular strain of the most incredible plant in the world dont matter?
  15. Of course dank will mostly set anyone up, you just need to smoke past your tolerance limit with any kinda weed really. Some people have a really low tolerance and mids get them high and dank gets them beyond stonedd. Different weed for different people will get you different effects.
  16. op, please disregard xelusivex, he is a rouge cyber police officer on a vendetta! :devious:
  17. i started smoking at 12. my dad smoked my first joint with me. true story.

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