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  1. i posted this in another thread, i want to see what you guys think about it.

    suppose for the sake of my theory that the big bang is correct and did occur. anyway, there's various theories about the end of the universe, and one is called the big crunch or something like that, i can't remember. that theory explains that since gravity attracts everything to everything else regardless of distance (which is true, it just has a neglible effect at extreme distances), eventually given enough time everything in the universe will be gravitationally pulled together.

    this is where my theory comes in. we know that the big bang was caused in some way by a singularity, the entire universe was compressed into one point. Well, given the above information, i think the universe would eventually compress down into a single point once again over a long time span. At some point, i think this new singularity would then once again 'exlode' and a new universe would be born.

    in that case, the universe might not be 14 billion years old, it could be any number you can think of. maybe hundreds of trillions, maybe 1 with 50 zero's after it.

    i think this theory actually makes pretty good sense, especially because when you think about it, "history repeats itself". Look at pretty much any trend in the universe and you'll see that things tend to go in cycles. perhaps our current universe is just one iteration of an endless cycle.
  2. I hate to break it to you, but you're a little less than a hundred years late in your discovery. This is called the oscillating universe theory. :D

    It's extremely fascinating to ponder.
  3. if i had a nickel for every theory i came up with stoned only to find it was already a theory

  4. I have about 1 yen worth

    I love the universe...tis so interesting :smoke:
  5. haha i kind of figured this was already a theory. there isn't anything new anymore in the world. they always teach you all kinds of crazy shit at school in the science classes and then you find out that everything you're discussing is from hundreds of years ago. makes me wonder how truly crazy the shit that our top scientists are doing now is.
  6. The Big Crunch is out. The Big Freeze is in.

    Dark Energy is accelerating the expansion of the universe to the point where one day all matter will be too far away to interact and everything will stop.
  7. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, especially in vacuum though right? If expansion is only the stretching of space like I just learned in Astronomy, then a theoretical collapse sounds probable before a freeze. :smoke:
  8. over a large enough distance the space is expanding faster than light can travel so it can never make up the ground. You could never go from one side of the universe to the other because from the start the far side is already expanding faster than you can travel towards it.
  9. I jus dont want to experience the end of the world. It going to be too crazy
  10. yeah i know the big freeze is 'in' now but personally i dont like that theory all that much. it makes sense and all but i just dont think they have it figured right. no evidence for that, just call it a hunch.
  11. Idk where you got your facts bud, but not only is the universe ever expanding and everything is moving away from each other. Gravity is a very weak force as far as physics are concerned. In fact out of the four fundamental forces in the universe gravity is exponentially the weakest force.

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