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    I have been stressed out for the past 23 days and used this forum quite often to either relieve or add to my anxiety about a pre-employment screen so I wanted to give back. I am a medical mj patient but in the state of FL, that doesn't matter when it comes to employment. I stopped smoking on April 15th with the goal to take the test legit and not use synthetic urine. On the 19th I started the toxin rid 10 day detox from test clear. It was basically an awful experience but I was focused on passing with my own urine. I took the 15 pills at the same times each day for 10 days. On the 9th day I was still testing positive using the test strips from the Dollar Store. After finishing the pills on the 10th day and drinking the awful salt water 1oz drink they ship with the 10 day detox, I had a very faint line that showed I was negative. Cool, it worked, right? Not exactly. If you know the date of your test and can time it out perfectly, it might work. Unfortunately I didnt find out the exact date of my test until 2 days prior to taking it.

    3 days after finishing the 10 day toxin rid pills I was testing positive again. I was still determined to pass on my own so I moved to drinking Detoxify ready clean herbal cleanse 32oz drink. (btw, I'm 6ft/185lbs/mid 40s) The taste wasn't bad as what I read online. Actually it wasn't that bad at all. I chugged it down, waited 15 minutes and then filled it with distilled water and drank another 32oz. It was certainly filling and it made me urinate about 5 times in 2 hours. Before drinking I was positive, on the 5th time I pissed I was negative. I started the drink at 4:30pm and was negative up until 11:30am the next day, so it definitely worked. My only concern was that my piss looked like water. I took a B vitamin that had a good amount of B2 but that turned my piss highlighter yellow. It didn't seem real and it made me freak out and think LabCorp will tell I did something to alter my urine just by looking at it. In the end and after 23 days of no partaking (another btw...I was a very heavy and daily smoker of medical cannabis. Flower and vape) I gave in to using Quick Fix 6.2.

    I was nervous about getting the temp right so I bought two from a local head shop. On the test run the heating pad got a little too hot and it was above 100 degrees. Taking the cap off and letting it cool down for about 20 seconds got it to 98 degrees. The day of I took the heating pad off about 5 minutes before taking the actual test in the waiting room bathroom. Risky, but I didnt want it to be too hot and not using the pad at all and just leaving it on my skin near my junk kept it at about 94. I took the test today and am still freaking out a bit but I checked the batch number and it was all good. The bottle supplied was just enough to make it to the line the lady marked on the bottle. I had thought about bringing the other just in case so if you can hide it, I would recommend it. I used the top that squirts out the synthetic urine which was probably not the best idea as it makes a whistling noise when you squeeze it into the cup so its probably best to just pour it in. The lady administering the test seemed tired and not very interested so I'm sure she didn't hear anything. I cleared my throat a few times to disguise the sound. The temp was marked as a pass, she split the sample and bagged it for the lab. She didnt look at it funny or anything like that. I just wanted to share my experience and pay it forward to everyone else that might be freaking out. Once I find our the results, I will post here.
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  2. It's impossible to read your post as it's not in paragraphs
  3. He said he subbed with synthetic and passed a drug screen.
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  4. Those detox products only work for some hours, or at most a day. They can't cleanse the THC from your fat cells so all they do is flush your urinary system of metabolites for a short time. I would say you're fine if the temp was right and you substituted.
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  5. I passed :)
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  6. Thank you so much for sharing I have my test in the morning at labcorp I’ve been sooo stressed- I thought my medial mj Card covered me purchased quick fix 6.2 praying for the best.
  7. Did you pass
  8. Did you pass

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