My SYN mini showercap with GMD inline!

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    Hey blades, been meaning to post pictures of my setup for a while now, but I've been way too lazy. Just cleaned the bong, so I figured now is the time. Milk was actually taken a while ago in between last time i cleaned it and now. Happy tokin!


    I can't get embedding to work, so here's a link to the milk:
  2. nice man its good to see fellow blades posting up actual glass and not just ghetto shit they throw together at their house
  3. Nice setup
  4. Hey OP, what part of LA you from?
  5. lovin the shirt and pajamas.
  6. Nice. Wish i could see the tube. Is it also inline? Looks like a halo...?
  7. Cool little inline, it looks like you could stick a downstem in there if you wanted. (not sure if GMD intended for this as some other blowers have)

    Is the backwards lean on the SYN intentional?
  8. Sick man, This is the last kind of tube i will ever buy probably. maybe this summer ill pick one of these babies up. enjoy that hit :D :bongin:
  9. I'm from Baton Rouge originally, but I've been living in NOLA for about four years now. The tube really doesn't lean much, my desk just isn't very straight haha, its kinda a piece of shit and its been damaged a couple times while moving :-/. I didnt really notice it made that big of a difference until you said something actually.
  10. Sick syn, I have a 12arm from them.

    Im in nola too. Gotta order almost all my glass online. You have the same problem?
  11. I hold it down in laffy. Have lots of friends from Nola and br. I figured Nola would have a decent amount of smoke shops. Laffy had one about 2-3 years ago. Currently we have six choices of LHS.
  12. yeah, theres more than a few smokeshops close but its all janky china glass and way high prices. There might be a few nice pieces here and there between the shops, but they know nothing about them, and theyre always almost double what they should cost.

    One shop in NOLA carries a few very selective pieces of sheldon black, hence my crazy collection from them...
  13. Actually got on GC to see where/decide to post pictures of my Syn Mini Showercap, and then I saw this!

    What is the size on your inline (18.8mm?).

    I just got mine about a week ago and already cleaned it once, it's a wonderful piece but I spent a pretty penny on it and didn't leave much room for accessories.

    Here is a pic of mine, not trying to hi-jack.[​IMG]
  14. Yeah, the shops here on NOLA definitely leave something to be desired. Both the mushroom and the hippie gypsie carry a pretty nice selection of sheldon black. I've seen a couple of extremely overpriced ZOBs at the herb. The smoke shop on magazine has been improving their stock lately though, they even have a salt slide or two there.

    @Aetz: yeah, the inline is 18.8mm male and female, also have a ben wilson DD slide that I got from aqualab at the same time.

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