My Strange Addiction

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  1. Watching it right now, dudes addicted to his relationship with his car.. Like kissing it, rubbing it, sexual shit. It's not even a super nice car, it's a trans am or some shit what the fuck. And the other person is a girl that plows into bottles of baby powder and snorts the Shit out of it... That's fucked up where do they find these people?

    End rant
  2. Gotta feel bad for these people..

    [ame=]My Strange Addiction- Couch Cushion Craving - YouTube[/ame]
  3. i think some of them are making it up. they have to be. when you think about it though, we are all addicted to doing pointless shit. we do it because it feels good. those people just took it reeeeaaallly far.
  4. I'm pretty sure I saw an ad for one where a lady is addicting to eating nail polish. Who would even think to do that? Same with the baby powder lady, wouldn't the thought of serious health problems prevent them from doing this stuff.
  5. Yeah man, how do they even start doing this shit?
  6. I hate how they call them addictions. They're more like bad habits. Just like nail biting, nose picking, etc. idk. I just feel like they're way too dramatic about it.
  7. The woman eating cat treats one is my favorite.

    Whenever she said that the liquid in the cat food tasted like her grandmas chicken soup, I lost it.
  8. Mechaphilia is an actual recognized fetish, wherein the individual is sexually (even romantically) attracted to motor vehicles. This fetish is most commonly directed towards motorcycles and cars.

    It is a form of Pica; having an appetite for substances that are non-nutritive, like dirt or paper.

    Of course, some people have it to an extreme. Where their disorders stem from, who can say? Some people eat their own hair until they go bald. Some people eat even stranger/dangerous things.

    Many are deeply ashamed of their illness and go to lengths to hide it. Fortunately, there is help available. The first step is removing the social stigma, and shows like this, while oddities to most of us, are actually a life-line to people with similar disorders. Hopefully seeing others in their position will prompt them to seek help via a doctor and specialized therapist.
  9. Can I get on this show I smoke weed. duh duhd dhud duda
  10. I dunno, I have a feeling that they are just paid actors. Some of these things are just too insane for someone to admit to doing on TV. And if they are real, they need to have a psychological evaluation done immediately.
  11. See the woman was addicted to eating Comet, the powdered household cleaner? messed up.

    she's fuckin up her tongue real bad.
  12. Something has to be wrong with them mentally, I mean that in the nicest possible way too. Assuming its not fake
  13. Wait you guys don't fall in love with your cars?

    Secondly, a Trans Am is a love-able car, though I'm partial to Camaros myself.
  14. I posted in the thread about favorite/dream car.

    '79 Trans Am :[

    I'm addicted to them..
  15. Fuck Camaros, Hummers I'm talking h1 shit. Go Big or go home
  16. [quote name='"PaulKemp420"']Fuck Camaros, Hummers I'm talking h1 shit. Go Big or go home[/quote]

    I heard people that drive hummers have small wieners...
  17. Oh I thought we were talking about "loveable" cars, my bad
  18. This one chick smelled moth balls like every 15 minutes...
  19. Anyone here have a strange addiction? Ignore the judgemental comments earlier..
  20. i like to wipe the teeny bit of spit from my bottom lip onto my hand and then smell it. i do it very discreetly. if you didnt know any better, you'd just think i was deep in thought.

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